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Quick Makeup Tutorial for Office Diwali Party

It’s that time of the year! Making Rangoli in the office, lighting diyas, and having fun with colleagues. Well with that, it is also that time to sit and have a round table chat or discussion with office colleagues about what to wear for the office Diwali party. Deciding the dress code and pair of matching heels can be done in a snap. But which makeup looks to carry with it, now that’s the tricky part. Since it’s an office party you have to keep it minimal and less vibrant; subtle yet with a hint of glam. It might be a little tiresome to pick the right makeup look that goes well with your office decorum and entirely suits the party vibe. Well, lay off your worries because we have crafted a makeup tutorial that is going to shift the spotlight of the office on you! 

Step-1 Cleanse and Moisturise the Face

You must have watched videos of many influencers saying that always cleanse and moisturize the face before applying makeup. Why is it important? Let us tell you that. When we cleanse our faces thoroughly all the dirt and grime are removed and there are no chances of patches forming unless you apply the product excessively. Take a cleansing wipe, or cleanse the face according to your CTM routine and ensure to moisturize it well. 

Step-2 Apply Primer 

To achieve that seamless look always start with applying a face primer. It blurs the pores and provides a smooth base for the makeup to glide effortlessly. A little goes long way, apply a few dots on the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Let the primer sit for a while before you go further with the makeup. Meanwhile, prep the lips by applying a lip primer or a lip balm, it helps to create a base for the lip colors to give a rich color payoff. 

Step-3 Apply Concealer and Foundation 

It’s time to blur away the stress and unevenness from the skin. Take a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it under the eye and other dark areas which require concealing. If you’ve extreme dark under eyes, or blemishes on the face, go for a color corrector before the concealer. Always, remember, less is more. Take a buildable concealer and start by applying a thin layer and build it, if required. 

After that, take a lightweight foundation for your shade. If you are using a foundation stick then directly apply it on the face and blend it with a clean foundation brush. If you are using a cream foundation then take a little product on the wrist and warm it up. This makes the application smooth and the foundation melts flawlessly on the skin. Ensure, to apply some on the neck area to even out the color of the face and neck. 

Step 4 – Apply Setting Powder 

This is the most important step in setting the base, a makeup setting powder increases the longevity of the makeup by absorbing excessive oiliness and greasiness from the face. Gently dab it all over the face, remember, do not swipe it, always dab it with a light hand. We are setting the base here, swiping it will wipe the foundation and make it look uneven. Take a translucent powder that is crafted to give sheer coverage and a long-lasting radiant look like SÉRY Translucent Powder. 

Step 5- Apply Eye Makeup Products 

Eye shadow is the game changer of any makeup look. Go for a light smokey eye look, topped with a cat eye eyeliner and voluminous mascara. Start by applying a light color eye shadow on the crease of the eyelids and blend it well. Take a black color shadow and create a smokey look, finish it by adding a touch of shimmer to it. Wing the eyes with a matte black liquid eyeliner and accentuate the look by adding 2-3 coats of mascara, ensure that it doesn’t clump and makes the lashes look clumsy. 

Step-6 Apply Blush on the Cheeks 

A little flush of blush is all we need to amp up our makeup game. Pick a face palette that comes with the three essentials: blush, contour, and highlighter. We recommend SÉRY Oh So Nice Face Palette. Contour the cheeks, jawline, and rest of the face if you want a chiseled look. Add a pop of flush on the cheeks and finish the look by applying a highlighter stick on the cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid bow for an uplifted allure of the face. 

Step-7 Apply Lipstick 

The best friend of every girl! To add a little drama, start with the lip liner, outline the lip line with a lip liner that complements the shade of your lipstick. After that, apply one stroke of highly pigmented lipstick on the lips and top it with a gloss. This will accentuate the makeup by making you look bold, classy and sassy. 

Step- 8 Apply Setting Spray 

Party means a lot of dancing, eating, drinking, and sweating! To keep the makeup from fading and messing up, apply a setting spray on the face. It is of utmost importance to set the makeup for a long-lasting stay. Apply 2-3 sprints of makeup setting spray and Voila! You are ready to rock the dance floor.  
Follow these simple and quick makeup steps and get ready in no time to steal the spotlight.

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