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3 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced lawyer can help you claim the deserved compensation for your injuries and other damages after an accident. A lawyer that specializes in personal injury cases will provide the best legal representation and professional counsel. But you should still make sure the lawyer you choose is a good fit for you before making any legal decisions. Here are three questions you can ask your personal injury attorney:

1. Have You Handled Cases Like Mine Before?

The first question you should ask a personal injury attorney is whether they can handle your case. Each personal injury case is unique. Some can be resolved out of court, while others go to trial and may take months to settle. Your injuries, damages, and liabilities are also different. When hiring a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer, ask them if they have experience with similar cases. They should be upfront about the results of their other cases.

You need a trustworthy attorney that can be transparent about their limits. The timing and commitment required to handle your case may not align with the lawyer’s schedule. A lawyer with experience in similar cases knows what to expect and how to go about the lawsuit. The right lawyer for your case will be one that can pay attention to it and will not need to give the case to a different person at the firm.  

Law has many fields, and each requires specialization. You should work with an attorney specializing in personal injuries, preferably one who’s dealt with similar cases. A motorcycle accident differs from falling off of a commercial Ferris wheel or getting hit at a construction site. Choosing an experienced lawyer that specializes in that niche gives you the best chance of building a solid case or defense.

2. What’s Your Assessment of My Case?

Once you find an experienced lawyer specializing in similar cases, you want an honest take on the case. Not all personal injury claims are settled. Many that receive settlement might not come near the deserved compensation. Working with a lawyer who understands the unique dynamics can help you evaluate the case early.

Your personal injury lawyer should also specialize in the area you live. Each state, city, and county can differ on laws and regulations. Choosing a lawyer that understands the specific laws in the area you live will give you the best chance and getting adequate compensation. 

A lawyer’s job is to give you a clear understanding of what the law says and the possible outcomes of your case. They want your case to be successful. Sometimes cases are not worth the time, money, and effort it takes to win them, especially if they cannot be settled out of court. An attorney will provide a comprehensive case assessment to prepare you for the process and possible outcomes.

Having realistic expectations and understanding your rights and liabilities can reduce stress during this difficult time. The goal is to see you fully recover and be compensated for your losses. The lawyer provides unbiased case reviews and helps you determine if settling or trial is the best outcome. The legal team will also clarify your level of involvement during the process. The goal is to help each client know what they deserve and what’s involved in getting the compensation.

3. How Much Will the Case Cost Me?

Now that you have a reputable attorney to handle your case, you should know how much the process will cost. Each lawsuit is different, and lawyers can offer various pricing structures. Some firms will offer a phone or email consultation. Sometimes they will even offer the consultation for free. The law firm you work with should be clear and upfront about the cost for their services. 

One of the common ways personal injury lawyers will charge clients is on a contingency basis. This method means the lawyer does not get paid unless you win your case. The lawyer will accept a percentage of your winnings. Often the percentage is around 33% but every lawyer is different, so make sure to check beforehand. At the end of your case, the settlement should include money for medical bills, lost/damaged property, lost income, and pain and suffering compensation. 

Personal injury cases can be emotionally traumatic for you and your family. You deserve compensation if someone else’s negligence or mistakes result in your injuries. Understanding the cost of the case allows you to make informed financial decisions.

Experienced Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer

Working with an experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyer is the best way to claim compensation after an accident. Lawyers can help you receive proper settlement for all claimable damages, including loss of consortium and current and future income. A personal injury lawyer helps their clients get compensation for personal injuries. Whether you’re injured on the roads, at a construction site, or at work, they will help you to get a proper settlement.

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