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Design Tips for a High-Quality Business Card

High quality business cards help prospective customers remember your contact information. Avoid glaring mistakes when designing your business card because you want to give clients a professional reminder of what you do. If you want a professionally designed card that helps you stand out, ensure it has a few of the following attributes: 


A professionally designed business card must be reader-friendly. Ensure the font size is not too small or too big. It must be attractive. You don’t want to discourage clients because the font size is too small for them to read clearly. You also don’t want to include lengthy paragraphs. Remove any unnecessary words that are on your card. 


You don’t want to overcrowd your business card with information. Make sure you have all the relevant contact information but don’t squeeze everything in too tightly. Less is more in this scenario. Only include the information that is necessary for your business. 


Having an elegant business card reflects the quality of your products or services. You want to represent your services in the best possible light. Your company’s brand image can better stand out if you have a classy business card. Don’t include any funny graphics or stickers on your card.  


Double-check the information on your business card to correct any visible errors. You risk losing potential customers if you put the wrong contact details on your business card. Proofread your business card to correct any typos. Having a high-quality, grammatically correct business card can help to give off a good impression. 

Crucial Details 

A business card should act as a reference tool. Avoid including unnecessary details, such as a list of awards your company has won. The crucial information to add to your card includes your name, phone number, email, social media page, company website, and business name. 

Good Shape and Size 

Avoid creating business cards with unique shapes. Such cards may be difficult to store in a purse or a cardholder. Stick to the regular rectangular shape. The size of your business cards should also be standard. Some clients might not keep your card if it is challenging to carry or store due to its large size.  

Consistent in Branding 

Your business card should contain the logo of your enterprise. Use the same colors as the ones on the original logo. If you have a short tagline, include it on your card.  

The font size and the color must also be similar to the one on your original tagline. Using consistent branding can help clients to think of your business as a unified whole when they see your business card. 

No Borders 

Good-looking business cards do not have borders. Refrain from adding any unnecessary lines or designs around the edge of your card. Not having borders helps to save space on your card and maintain a clean, professional appearance. 

Expertly Designed 

Be willing to spend a little extra money to have your card designed by an expert. Experts have the necessary skills and resources needed to create professional business cards. If you decide to design your own card, try getting a few opinions on things to add or change.  

High-Quality Materials 

Business cards made of quality materials do not get damaged as quickly. Avoid using paper that is easy to fold or bend because you want your card to last and stay pristine as long as possible. The intention of issuing business cards is to ensure that prospective clients retain your contact details for an extended period of time. You can even try using unique materials such as plastic and metal if you really want your card to stand out. 


Including photos on business cards allows you to express things about your company that words cannot. You could use a photographic background to display samples of your work or a portrait to show customers who they will be working with. 

Design High Quality Business Cards for Your Business 

You should have high quality business cards to stay at the forefront of your client’s minds. A professionally designed card will also help you to compete effectively in a crowded market. Hire dedicated professionals to design your business card and stay on top of the game. 

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