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Keep Your Products Fresh With Custom Mylar Packaging

Mylar bags and pouches have taken off in recent years, especially with food companies looking to keep products as fresh as possible. While mylar is hardly a new material, it took some time to come to dominance as a form of food packaging because it was not always cost-effective to print custom graphics and text on mylar at the scale needed, but times have changed.

Completely Customize Your Packaging

Innovations in digital printing technology have made it easier than ever to design your own packaging in a variety of formats. The reason custom mylar bags are so popular is because mylar is a superior material when it comes to resisting punctures, tears, and other forms of damage. Making it inexpensive to print on was just the last step toward making it an ideal choice for many companies.

It’s also easy to produce packaging in custom sizes and shapes, which allows you to set your own lineup of sizes without having to worry about whether you’re going to change things up to conform to a packaging provider’s available options. That level of control used to be limited to other materials, but not anymore.

Incorporating Your Colors & Logo

With full-color fidelity and a completely printable surface, mylar makes it easy to bring your colors and logo to bear in interesting ways on any package design. That makes it easier for you to maintain brand identity across different products and sizes, and it also means you do not have to design your logo around the capabilities of your packaging, you can design your packaging around the visual effect you want your logo and messaging to carry.

It’s not just the ability to reproduce detailed colors in complex ways that allow for total quality control, it’s also the fact that you have extras like spot embellishment and several choices for the packaging’s finish. That allows you to exert even greater control because you can even call the shots when it comes to how the surfaces of your stand up pouches interact with the light in the room wherever they are displayed.

Recyclable Packaging for Ecologically-Conscious Consumers

In addition to the visual appeal and control over sizing and presentation, mylar also presents the opportunity to appeal to ecologically-conscious consumers because it is a recyclable material, making it more sustainable than many other plastic options. Between its superior performance when it comes to preserving freshness and its ability to be recycled into other products or further iterations of packaging, it is easier to keep mylar out of landfills than it is for many other options. Not all plastics are easy to recycle, so it means something to consumers when companies intentionally opt for recyclable materials.

Mylar also makes it easy to follow minimum-waste packaging standards, which is good for your bottom line as well as the environment. With innovations like the quad seal pouch and options that let you present your goods exactly the way you want, it’s hard to see why a new food product would launch with a different packaging material. Start looking at your options today to build the right stand-up pouches for your next product launch.

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