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Promotional Products That Act Like Billboards To Promote Your Business

Marketing is an important aspect of business ownership. This is because marketing helps to create public awareness for your brand, products and services. It gives you the opportunity to attract more customers and create a loyal customer base. This is the key to creating a sustainable business with great growth opportunities. Unfortunately, many small business owners usually overlook the importance of marketing. Most of them think that marketing costs a lot of money, which the business may not be able to afford. The truth is that marketing does not have to be expensive. There are many marketing options that are highly effective, but do not cost a lot of money. The use of promotional products, for instance, is a cheap, but highly effective option. Be sure to visit the Promotions Warehouse for the best products for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Products That Work Like Billboards

Billboard advertising is perhaps the most effective marketing option for businesses that target consumers within a given area. Placing a billboard on a busy street in an urban area can guarantee you impressive results. However, this is an expensive way of marketing a brand. Many businesses are not able to place large billboards on busy streets, so there is need for alternatives. The following are the top alternatives for billboard advertising:

i) Branded T-Shirts

Business owners should come up with an amazing logo design and have them printed on quality t-shirts. These branded t-shirts can then be offered to customers as a reward for doing business with the firm. Since everyone loves t-shirts, customers are going to put on the t-shirts during warm sunny days. As a result, they will be like walking billboards. As they go into shopping malls, trains, buses, airplanes, the beach or walk around the city, the name and logo on the t-shirts will be noticed by everyone. While billboards are stationary, t-shirts are worn by people who visit different places and meet different types of people. As you plan to market your business, be sure to put branded t-shirts on top of your list. 

ii) Branded Umbrellas

During the rainy season, most people usually hide themselves under an umbrella as they walk outside. Consider branding umbrellas and offer them as gifts or rewards to your customers for their loyalty. All your customers will appreciate receiving an umbrella, which can be used on hot sunny days at the beach as well as during the rainy season when it’s drizzling outside. Be sure to make the umbrellas as unique as possible because you want your brand to stand out. 

iii) Branded Pens

Pens have one major advantage – they are cheap. This means that anyone who walks into your business premise can get a branded pen. Just make sure the logo or company name is located above the handling area to ensure it is not covered when the pen is being used. Be sure to add pens to your list as they are cheap and effective. 

iv) Calendars

Calendars are highly effective because they usually hang from the walls of living rooms and dining areas. This means that they are clearly visible to anyone who enters the house. Calendars are great as they are used for a whole year. Imagine having small billboards with your name and company logo hanging in hundreds or thousands of homes for a whole year. This is a wonderful way to market your business. Be sure to print and issue calendars during the holiday season, towards the end of the year as well as early in the new year. Try to be the first to issue calendars for the new year. 

v) Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

People normally carry travel mugs and water bottles with them nowadays for convenience and to save cost. After all, getting your coffee mug refilled is cheaper than buying coffee on a disposable coffee cup. Consumers also want to stay hydrated all the time, so they usually carry water bottles, which they refill whenever they empty the bottle. Be sure to offer customers branded travel mugs and water bottles as they can market your brand just as effectively as billboards. 

vi) Cool Baseball Caps

Most people love wearing baseball caps on sunny days. Kids, in particular, love baseball caps. You will need to print as many baseball caps as your budget can allow. Be sure to have them in different sizes and designs to ensure you can get the best results possible. The beauty of branded baseball caps is that people wear them on the head while walking on public spaces, so your brand will be seen wherever your customers go.

vii) Branded Key Rings

One of the cheapest and most effective promo products is branded key rings. Ideally, anyone who visits your business premise should leave with a branded key ring. Since people usually carry their set of keys with them, the key rings can act as mobile billboards. 

viii) Flash Disks

Branded thumb drives can work just as well as billboards. Imagine inserting a well-branded flash disk into the computer at your workstation. Anyone who sees the thumb drive will immediately recognize your business logo, or at least generate some interest in it. Consider branded a number of moderate-capacity flash disks and hand them over to loyal customers. 

It is crucial you order an assortment of promotional products and teach your staff how to issue them to customers. Costly items, such as branded umbrellas should be handed to customers who spend a lot of money. Everyone should get either a pen or key ring.

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