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Turn an idea into a successful startup. Top 3 apps for development!

Startup. This term is firmly entrenched in the information field. It can be found in advertising, social networks, and various forums. We often read amazing success stories about how a small team with an interesting idea launched a project that soon turned into a successful business. Indeed, small teams has created many useful services and unique products.

Today, many people are launching their startups. There are especially many young people among the creators, who have recently graduated from higher educational institutions. What is the reason for such popularity? It’s simple, people don’t want to work for someone. They want to realize their potential, their skills, and acquired knowledge. Working in a large company, you’ll spend many years of painstaking work before you take a solid post. A startup allows you to achieve success quickly to realize your ambitions and dreams. But, don’t rush!

There are many examples of successful project development in social networks, forums, and news. But as statistics show, the real picture is different. Most projects are closed in the first few years after launch. Moreover, the uniqueness of your idea does not affect the success of your activity. The main reasons for failures are errors during the planning and creating a business plan, incorrect organization of work processes, team building errors, and, of course, lack of funding.

Coming up with an interesting idea does not mean launching a successful startup. To go all the way from the beginning to becoming a successful business, you need to spend a lot of effort, time, emotions, and resources. In addition, the manager must always be ready for new challenges and find effective ways to solve them. As statistics show, not everyone succeeds.

Does that say you don’t have to try? Of course not! If you want to develop your project, you are ready for work and self-development, you are sure that nothing can stop you and you have enough knowledge and skills to implement your plans, then be sure to try to launch your project.

Successful startups are born from outstanding ideas. But for your project to succeed, you need to have a working branding strategy, effective implementation, and useful services/applications for business.

One of the key components of successful strategy implementation is choosing the right tools for project management, marketing, and design. Properly selected platforms and applications can increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs. Let’s look at a few popular business applications.

First on the list is Slack. It is a popular corporate messenger with flexible functionality. It is one of the most popular platforms for communication, project management, and remote work organization. Small IT teams, startups, medium-sized businesses, and even large companies use it. The reason for such popularity is efficiency and extensive software customization options. Let’s look at its functionality in more detail. Slack supports integration with third-party applications, which allows you to install the necessary services from the official library and use them at your discretion. Slack app directory offers more than 2500 popular services and applications for work, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Diversity allows you to create a remote team and set up project management, taking into account the nuances and requirements of your business. Another important advantage for startups is an affordable pricing policy. Saving resources after launch is a matter of survival for many startups, not all projects survive it. Therefore, it is important to be able to properly spend the available resources and save money. Slack is great for such purposes. The platform offers a free version with few restrictions. This is the best option for small teams and novice businessmen. You get the functionality you need to work and don’t pay a cent for it! As profits and new employees appear, you can switch to a suitable paid tariff.

The next effective and popular platform for doing business is Microsoft Teams. The application from the eminent company has all the necessary functions and tools for communication, file sharing, document editing, and business management. Like Slack, Microsoft Teams supports integration with third-party applications. Depending on the specifics of the business, you can install the necessary tools and use them to perform tasks. Let’s imagine that your startup is focused on working with people, which means you need to process various customer databases, make requests and offer services. You just need to install a VoIP service. With Microsoft Teams SMS, you can send mass mailings, collect feedback, process customer requests, and much more!

Another important feature of Teams is document editing. Several team members can make changes to the same document at once, which speeds up the task and helps to avoid errors.

Just like Slack, Teams is great for young startups, thanks to the free version. The free version of Task Manager has all the necessary tools for organizing teamwork and effective project management. You can switch to the paid version at any time by choosing the most convenient subscription.

Microsoft Teams is adapted to all popular systems. You can install the app on any device, which adds mobility and allows you to always be up to date.

Trello closes the top 3 applications for startups. It is a modern and efficient project management platform based on Kanban boards. Use whiteboards, and maps, organize tasks and deadlines and attach files. Discuss current tasks and new ideas in private and public chats, prioritize and plan. Trello will help your team to be more organized and focus on the details.

Trello is a great option for small IT teams. There is a free version with all the tools for effective teamwork and project management. At any time, you can switch to a paid subscription, which will add new features and capabilities.

The article discusses the three most popular applications for start-ups. Try each one, evaluate its capabilities and start using it for your project. Use only the best business tools, and you’ll succeed!

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