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Why All Businesses Should Have Their Elevators Inspected Regularly

Elevators are such a convenient option that their presence in any building over a few stories high has become essential. When they are working as expected, they are a simple and safe mode of transportation between building floors. However, they can be a huge liability if they are not performing well. For businesses that operate in multi-story buildings, here are a few reasons why you should have your elevator inspected regularly.

It Makes You Compliant

Depending on where your business operates, local laws and regulations may dictate that your elevator is inspected a few times a year, usually 2 or 3 times. Once the elevator is inspected and tested, you are expected to display a certificate of compliance somewhere everyone can access, usually inside the elevator.

If your elevator has not been inspected as expected, you are likely breaking the law, and you might be fined or put you and your business in legal jeopardy.

It Helps Avoid Accidents

Most elevator accidents happen because the elevators were not inspected and maintained as expected. These accidents can range from trips and falls to something more serious like an elevator malfunction. When an elevator causes an accident, you will be liable and might have to compensate the injured party. To avoid all this, arrange for regular ATIS elevator inspections. Hire experts with decades of experience in inspecting, maintaining, and servicing elevators to ensure your customers are safe.

It Helps The Elevator Last Longer

Once you have a commercial building built or buy one, you expect it to last for a long time without any major overhauls. These overhauls can be quite expensive and can be crippling for businesses that have not been around for too long. To help prevent major overhauls to your elevator, regular inspections are crucial.

Regular inspections help catch issues that would have become significant issues if they are not left alone. These issues are caused by age and tear and wear caused by normal elevator usage. Left alone, they compound until you have a catastrophic failure, usually before the elevator is supposed to be out of commission.

Extend your elevator’s life and avoid major overhauls before you are ready for them by scheduling regular elevator inspections.

It Prevents Your Elevator From Being Shut Down

For businesses that operate in multi-story buildings, the ability of customers to access every floor is crucial for operations. Elevators can be shut down and put out of service if they have not been serviced and tested for some time. This is because inspectors deem these elevators unsafe.

Having your elevators out of commission in instances where your customers need them can hurt your business. Also, you must deal with all issues the inspector finds with the elevator before they can declare it operational. This can require the business to allocate more funds to this one area than it otherwise would have had to.

Businesses that operate in multi-story buildings cannot afford to be lax about elevator inspections. There are serious consequences of doing this, including being liable for injuries and facing fines for breaking the law.

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