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Everything you need to know to pass the CCNA 200-301 exam in 2022

The new entry-level Cisco certification, CCNA 200-301, serves as the foundation for the entire Cisco certification roadmap. The associate-level certification is CCNA. This certification is essential for any network administrator, but it is especially valuable for IT professionals. A solid understanding of networks, routing protocols, VLAN and WAN technologies, and so on will be extremely beneficial in any IT career path.

This article will give you all of the information you need to get started learning CCNA (Cisco certified network associate). How do I begin CCNA self-study? How do you pass the CCNA certification exam? Which books to read, online resources, exam tips, and an overview of the total exam cost are all provided.

Overview of the Exam

All previous CCNA exams will be replaced by the new CCNA 200-301 exam. As a result, there are no longer multiple CCNA exams and certifications.

As a result, when compared to the previous version of the CCNA exam, the new exam eliminates specific tacks such as knowledge of routing and switching data centre and has been thoroughly overhauled. The new exam will cover a broader range of topics that are more relevant to today’s work, such as wireless networking, security, and automation.

Exam Duration & Topics

The number of questions on the CCNA exam can vary, but it is usually around 100. The CCNA 200-301 passing score is around 800-850. Aspirants will get 120 minutes to complete the exam.

You can see how to divide topics into exams in the table below. Remember that other related topics may appear in the exam.

TopicsPercentage of Topics
Basic knowledge of network20%
IP connection20%
Intellectual Property Services25%
Security basics10%
Internet access15%
Automation and programmability10%

Strategic Study Plan

As a result, the common question is, what is a good CCNA learning strategy? Of course, the answer is dependent on your level of expertise in Cisco and general networking. However, in general, studying for at least two hours per day is a good strategy. You should be able to finish the course in 90 days this way.

Begin by watching a Cisco Network Academy video lesson. Even if you dislike watching videos, these courses will provide you with numerous exam tips and insights. SPOTO is a popular CCNA trainer that has produced excellent video courses.

CCNA Study Guides

Books are without a doubt the ultimate source of knowledge, and they are always available to you if you have any doubts or questions. We recommend a book that will help you master the skills needed to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Cisco CCNA Simplified: This study guide by How To Network contains entire CCNA 200-301 Syllabus covered (as of 2022) & 32 full on hands with solution and a lot more to enhance your preparation.

Exam Preparation

If you want to take more practise exams, you should definitely use SPOTO CCNA 200-301 VCE files. The real advantage of the SPOTO CCNA 200-301 dump is that it contains actual exam questions and answers. This can assist you in learning and filling knowledge gaps.

CCNA Certification Cost

The Cisco Certification Cost is $300 but to clear the exam an must need to buy several study guides & training courses. So, the overall cost may be exceed than $300.

Some Exam Tips

Here are some pointers to help you achieve better results.

Please read the question twice! Remember, there is no back button, so make certain you fully comprehend the issue.

• You have enough time to begin the exam. Before beginning the exam, make a note of the subnetting table or other pertinent information.

• Keep in mind that each question has a time limit of about 1 minute (120 minutes to answer 100 questions). So, if you don’t know the answer, pick the best one and move on.

Participate in the Cisco Community

Participating in an online community, regardless of where it is done, is always beneficial. The chances of resolving an issue improve dramatically when a larger number of people are involved. Furthermore, multiple points of view add to the material’s dynamic nature. These debates broaden the scope of the research. Introverts who would otherwise avoid conversations are given the opportunity to express themselves. Forums are a great way to build a community that is necessary for understanding others.

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