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Types of corporate photos

If you are in an executive position in a company, then you know exactly how important it is to present your professionalism to clients and customers. One of the options for demonstrating the success of your brand is to have corporate headshots on the website. You can order a photo session of employees on the site GORNPHOTO.

In order to attract the attention of customers, to show everyday work, interesting moments, it is necessary that corporate photos are realistic. There are several types of corporate photos:

  • photo of the head during work, negotiations with customers;
  • pictures of employees at work;
  • a joint snapshot of management and the team;
  • capturing unusual photos that will help reflect the atmosphere in the team.

Advantages of corporate headshots

Posting corporate photos on a website or on social media allows you to show that you are doing what you love. The main advantages of corporate photos include:

  • a display of team cohesion;
  • demonstrating to customers and clients that employees enjoy doing their jobs;
  • introducing customers to the company’s employees;
  • a reflection of the corporate spirit.

Corporate photos from GORNPHOTO

Having modern corporate photos will help you to gain the trust of your target audience, and allow you to get to know your company better. You can order business portraits at Lev Gorn Studio. Lev Gorn, a famous actor, director and photographer, will help you to convey your personality traits on the photo in the best possible way. If you are just looking for a job, having professional photos will help you create a quality resume, or fill out a LinkedIn profile.

When choosing a candidate for a job, many employers pay attention to the quality and professionalism of the photo, which is a direct reflection of you as a person.

Lev Gorn will help to present your personality in the photo as realistically and believably as possible. Before you take a photo shoot, you need to decide exactly what you need professional photos for. This will determine your choice of location in New York City.

Ordering a photo shoot

In order for the photos to be successful, you should take care of your appearance beforehand. You should not do any unfamiliar makeup, or wear clothes that you almost never wear. Everything should look as harmonious as possible. If you are not sure how exactly corporate shooting should take place, and how to prepare employees, you should sign up for a free consultation.

On the GORNPHOTO website, you can sign up and get a detailed consultation from Lev Gorn. The photographer will help you to choose a location, determine the number of photos and choose the most appropriate moments from the life of the company. Lev Gorn, director and actor, will help to create original and interesting subjects during the shooting, which will help to create a professional photo shoot for employees.

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