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Social Studies is an important subject. All its various sub-studies, whether it is geography, history, civics, or political science, are important toward building a good and informed citizen out of a student. When it comes to social studies as taught for class 7,  NCERT class 7 sst books are the best for the purpose. An NCERT social science class 7 will help the student develop such understanding of the concept of the subject as may be desirable.

The following are some of the most important reasons for using NCERT books for studying social studies for study class 7 social studies:

  1. They are very well researched.

One of the most important advantages of NCERT books for class 7 sst is that they are most well-researched. It is because they are written by the experts in their respective fields working only on those parts of the books they have a thorough knowledge on.

2. They are written while keeping children’s psychology in mind.

Unlike most other textbooks written by intellectuals thinking only of their own subjects. The books by NCERT for social studies for class 7 are written while keeping children’s psychology in mind, and this makes them a far superior and welcoming experience than other alternatives.

3. They are easily available.

A crucial advantage of NCERT books is that they are readily available in most parts of the country as well as over the internet. This ensures that most students can find them easily, no matter what part of India they live in. In some remote parts of the country, NCERT books seem to be the best textbooks to go for.

4. Their solutions are most easily available.

Of course, when one is considering the textbook one wants to study or teach, one also wants to consider whether the book in question has solution books or guides or such easily available. A key advantage of using NCERT books is that these solutions are very easily available, including from such recognized brands as Infinity Learn.

5. They have important questions in them.

For most exams, there are some questions that come to be considered important because they are more likely to be in exams than others. The book questions for class 7, as well as for other classes, are such questions. Thus one of the most important reasons for studying from these for class 7 and other classes is that they provide access to the most important questions.

6. They are comprehensive.

NCERT books are the most comprehensive books out there, providing thorough coverage of various aspects for all the chapters to be studied for class seven social studies. Thus their comprehensiveness is an important reason for studying from these books for class 7 social studies.

7. They are best for preparation for exams.

Since they have the most important study material and most important questions and since also they have ready chapter summaries and have easy guides and solution books available, they are best for preparation for exams.

8. They are not all about cramming things only.

NCERT books are more innovative learning solutions that aim to develop the overall personality of the student and transform them into rational and informed citizens of the country. They want to step away from an educational culture that is all about cramming things only. This is a big reason for preferring these books for studying social studies in class 7 over others.

9. They act as the base for other textbooks.

NCERT books are often the base on which textbooks of other writers or boards (whether central or state) are based. Thus it is smarter to go to the source itself and study from NCERT books only. One can study from these books for class 7 social studies and have a chance to excel in all exams on the subject.

10. They help create a better and more informed citizen.

By being superior books that aren’t merely about cramming things only, these books can help a student become a better and more informed citizen. Since exams are not and should not be treated an end in themself, this should be seen as the most important advantage of using these books for studying social studies in class 7.

Wrapping up

One can wrap up the above discussion with the conclusion that NCERT books are the best when it comes to studying the subject of studies for class 7. Of course, one may also need some help, and for that purpose, several help books with NCERT solutions for class 7 sst are available in the market, but Infinity Learn’s solutions for the same are the most recommended. With the support of such solutions, NCERT books for class 7 social studies and other NCERT books can help a student grow more proficient and informed about various social issues that may affect one’s physical, social, political, or economic environment.

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