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Cost of MBA in Canada & IELTS to study in the UK

Students keen to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom often feel pressure to get IELTS, a world-renowned English language test crucial to university admission. However, the best colleges in the UK do not ask students to prove their proficiency in the English language by taking this exam. You can opt for several alternative exams instead of IELTS if you wish to study at UK universities without taking this test.

There are other ways  to apply to UK Universities without IELTS, For Example

Students who have yet to take IELTS and wish to apply for a degree course at a UK university should contact their chosen institution directly to ask about the specific requirements.

Moreover, Some universities may require students to take an English language test as part of their application, but this is a rare practice. If you are applying for a degree-level course that does not require IELTS results means you can apply for UK universities without IELTS, Moreover,  studying English at an ESOL centre can be beneficial before applying.

How to study in the UK without IELTS?

  • Select a university that offers the desired subject without requiring IELTS scores.
  • The institution will require you to participate in an online interview if your application is selected for further consideration.
  • After you have completed the interview process, the UK college will send you an admission letter.
  •  You will get an acceptance letter from the college admitting you without an IELTS score
  • You’ll need a copy of your financial records to prove that you can support yourself while in the UK.

Can I get a UK visa without an interview?

Yes, you can get a UK visa without an interview. However, this is only possible if you have already applied for a visa in the past and have been granted one. In addition, you will need to provide a certificate from the university where you studied

If this is not the case, you must attend an interview at your local United Kingdom embassy or consulate.

MBA In Canada

MBA in Canada was among the most popular master’s degrees for up-and-coming professionals in the early 2000s. Canadian colleges and universities were able to attract students from around the world due to relatively affordable tuition fees.

Cost of studying MBA in Canada

The cost of an MBA in Canada is less than that in the EU, making it a viable alternative for many students. Students come to Canada to study for their MBAs for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being the country’s placement among the top 20 in the QS world rankings, competitive tuition rates, lower living expenses, and relative safety.

Additionally, scholarships and financial aid are available to deserving students to ease their financial burden. MBA in Canada cost include average annual tuition fees ranging from CAD 30,000 to CAD 40,000, significantly lower than other study-abroad destinations.

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