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How To Become A Probationary Officer In SBI?

Hey, do you wish to become a probationary officer at the State Bank of India? Well, then you must read this article thoroughly. Through this article, you will find out all the necessary details related to becoming a Probationary Officer in SBI. Besides that, you will also learn, what is a probationary officer, what are the roles, and what are skills needed to become a successful Probationary Officer. Do read the article before you set your mind on becoming an SBI PO, particularly in SBI, one of the most reputable multinational public sector banks and financial services statutory bodies in the world. Now without any further ado, let’s start reading, lets start by understanding who is a probationary officer?

Who Is A Probationary Officer?

The points below will help you understand who is a probationary officer in a bank. Therefore, make sure that you read the points attentively. 

  • A Probationary Officer is also known as an Assistant Manager of Scale I in a bank. 
  • He/she is a Junior Manager of Grade I scale and therefore called Scale I Officer. 
  • On successfully passing the entrance test, a Probationary Officer is made to undergo an intensive training schedule at the Institute of Banking Management where they are prepared. 
  • The probation period of a Probationary Officer may last for approximately 2 years.

What Is The Role Of  A Probationary Officer?

Now, let’s realize the roles and responsibilities of a probationary officer. Read these points to understand what you are signing up for. 

  • A Probationary Officer is prepared in finance, accounting, billing, investment, etc. during his/ her probation period to acquaint them with the diverse working procedures of the bank. 
  • He/she has to make sure that the business of the bank keeps on boosting by attending to the bank’s customers suitably by addressing their complaints.
  • Their responsibilities range from planning, budgeting, loan processing, investment managing, etc.

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What Are The Skills Required To Become A Probationary Officer?

Besides the required qualifications one must also possess the skill set necessary to take up a job, especially major ones like a Probationary officer. Therefore, go through the points below attentively.

  • Focused– You have to be able to watch and learn from the work of supervisors to ensure flawlessness in your work and improve.
  • Organization – Being organized helps you remember impending schemes, missions, and meetings.
  • Critical thinking – Through critical thinking you can examine a situation and make quick and valuable decisions. 
  • Communication – Having solid communication skills can help you build stronger relationships and strengthen your work performance.
  • Analytical skills –  As a probationary officer, you are required to analyze particular subjects and come up with the most appropriate solution to existing problems. 
  • Emotional intellect With emotional intelligence, you can help your customers feel comfortable talking to you and receiving the service you are there to provide.
  • Computer mastery – Typing and basic computer skills can help you remain productive and coordinated with other employees.
  • Mathematical aptitude – You may need to know basic math to be good at budget tracking, or accounting.
  • Time-management skills –  Strong time-management skills allow you to organize your time wisely to complete deadlines while still giving quality work.

We hope this article helped you find out all the essential details you needed before setting your mind on becoming a Probationary Officer in SBI or any other bank in India. Keep reading to find out more about SBI PO. For more such content stay connected.

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