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Mistakes You Should Not Make in The PTE-A Exam

In this article, we will tell you what mistakes to avoid when it comes down to the PTE Academic test. We also have some tips on how you can get a good score with ease! So keep reading to know these things better.

The following are the common mistakes that can reduce your PTE score. Make sure you avoid them at all costs!

Speaking and Writing

The module that you need to focus on in PTE is Speaking & Writing, and if your goal is a score of 90, you must prepare thoroughly for this section. There are many ways how one can improve their speaking & Writing skills but here we’ll cover some things they should avoid doing at all costs! 

Do you find yourself struggling with speaking and writing? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when tackling these tasks, but don’t let the pressure get in your way. In this article, you will learn how simple techniques can make a big difference!

Read Aloud

This is a tricky question that may appear problematic task in PTE exams. It’s more important to your reading score and speaking score as well, so let’s break it down and see how this works! 

The passage will give you marks for each correct answer is read aloud; but here are some strategies on avoiding any possible pitfalls when answering these questions quickly without hesitation or doubt:

  • Pronouncing words wrongly
  • Using some other irrelevant words
  • Insertion of other words
  • long pauses

Repeat Sentences

To score maximum marks in this question, it’s important to know its marking criteria. This is because there is partial credit that most of the tasks carry in the speaking section. To get 79+ in the speaking & listening comprehension section take note for:

  • It helps in recollecting the information
  • Noting the connecting words prove helpful

You should not do this in the Writing Section

One crucial aspect of the PTE test is writing, to clear the writing section and score better in this section you need a few things taken care of.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Repetition of the same words
  • Take care of your grammar
  • Follow the word limit
  • Do not go off-topic.


It’s no secret that reading is a very important part of PTE, but it can also be difficult. One way to improve your score on tests and assessments would be by avoiding certain things:

  • Do not spend a lot of time on one question. Manage the time efficiently.
  • Understand the context and play around.
  • Do not ignore the tenses and make any grammar mistakes
  • Do not waste your time on re-reading sentences. Practice skimming and scanning.
  • Do not worry about the words you don’t understand

Things you should Avoid in Listening

With so much that can go wrong in the Listening section, it’s lucky you have this chance to get your concentration back. This test is no easy feat and requires utmost focus if we want a good score! After the first three sections of PTE, there are ten minutes’ break before coming here: During these final moments before the Beginning listening section task do not lose track while taking part or risk being thrown off completely by an unexpected question – which could happen at any moment, always keep cool under pressure.

  • Do not pause for more than 3 seconds
  • move on if you do not know anything.
  • Concentration is the key
  • Write down the Keywords and the connection words. Avoid taking too many notes
  • Do not skip the optional break. Gather yourself back to improve focus.

General mistakes to avoid

For PTE you should keep a careful eye on your pronunciation and oral fluency in the speaking & reading section. Fluency doesn’t mean you have to be very fast but it’s all about maintaining a normal pace and being able to clearly enunciate each word in order not mistakes them during the test.

The PTE test is a computer-based exam, so you must be clear about the words. Make sure you manage your time carefully and efficiently or else there may be some questions left out of range for 79+ marks!

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