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As the world expanded with technology and advancements, most people have let their humanity slip down in the urge to develop a lavish luxurious lifestyle. Humanity, the basic trait that justified us being humans, has today turned into a service. People who still exhibit humanity have become hard to find and appear angelic if found. Our characteristic, humanity, that belonged to the human race has now shifted into the characteristics of angels. Do you think this is an upgrade? Absolutely, no. This shift and letdown of humanity is a regression for humankind. 

The slow vanishing of humanity has led to lots of troubles and dreadful conditions in the current era. Earlier generations had the habit of sharing and helping the poor, but today the dissolvement of humanity has turned humans greedy and piled up all amenities and facilities only for themselves with no thoughts about others.

As this continues, so shall the world Detroit with humans stepping back to animals that don’t possess the special feature of humanity. As this truth hits reality, it is time to at least nurture this quality among a few people who wish humanity to survive. The step taken ahead to save this trait is providing educational courses such as community service course, social work courses, etc.

Educational institutions like Mansarovar Global University(MGU) take pride in providing Diploma in community service for the human hearts that still hold the wetness of humanity and aspire to establish their career in that pathway. This article will help you get a clear view of Diploma in Community Service and its job scope in the current and upcoming decades.


  • What is Community Service?
  • Diploma in Community Service
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Syllabus 
  • Top colleges to pursue Diploma in community service
  • Job opportunities after Diploma in Community Service
  • Community service provider
  • The average salary in India
  • Community care manager
  • The average salary in India
  • Counselor
  • The average salary in India
  • Rehabilitation therapist
  • The average salary in India
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

What is Community Service?

The world today is so fast that we don’t even take a look around our surroundings. We, people, don’t even offer a minute to smile at our neighbors next door. We just keep swiftly pacing in the daily routine. In this kind of scenario, we would never realize the grief, dreadful conditions, problems, issues, etc of our community. Then who will be there to sort out the issues in our community? There comes the community service sector.

Community service is offering our help to the people in our community and lending our hands to share the problems and putting our effort into developing a solution for the same. Community service is typically social work wherein we contribute our support to society.

Isn’t this community service today a common attribute that every individual possessed towards society in earlier days?

Today, this community service has developed into a profession being done out of compassion. Professional courses for community service are being offered in universities like Mansarovar Global University, the best university in MP.

Diploma in Community Service:

As mentioned earlier, professional courses are being offered by many educational institutions including MGU in community services. One such course is Diploma in Community Service.

As community service is today considered a profession, proper academic education and training related to community service are mandatory to prove professionalism in this field. In order to develop the required skills for community service, understand the concepts of community service, learn the tactics to handle any critical situations, and much more, it is advisable to pursue Diploma in Community Service from renowned institutions like Mansarovar Global University, a University in Bhopal.

A diploma in community service concentrates on inculcating attributes like empathy, and compassion, handling the crisis, managing dreadful conditions, analyzing sociological factors, advocating for the right requirements of the community, channelizing the opinions of people in proper directions, etc.

Eligibility criteria:

The primary requirement for pursuing a Diploma in Community Service will be to exhibit humanity and compassion toward our community. The academic level eligibility criteria in most colleges like MGU, that offer a Diploma in Community Service under the Department of humanities and social science studies are as follows:

  • 10+2 with 50% aggregate from a recognized board of secondary education

Few colleges like MGU, provide a 5% relaxation for students from backward classes or so according to the state govt. norms. 


The syllabus of the community service courses can slightly vary from college to college, but the most common concepts and topics covered during the courses are as follows:

  • Introduction to community service
  • Origin of community service sector
  • Community development process & engagement
  • Community development organizations & community engagement
  • Building community- human & social capital
  • Building community- physical capital
  • Building community- financial capital
  • Building community- civic & political capital
  • Food systems & food justice
  • Immigrant communities & community development
  • Climate change & community resilience

Top colleges to pursue Diploma in Community Services:

India has got many top educational institutions that offer community service course. Here is the list of a few top colleges to pursue a Diploma in community service:

  • Mansarovar Global University, Bhopal
  • Madras School of Social Work, University of Madras
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Loyola College, Madras
  • Punjab University
  • NIMS School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Jaipur

Job opportunities after Diploma in Community Services:

Once a service, now turned into a profession with academic support itself reveals that Community service course graduates will have enormous job opportunities. Here is a brief idea about the job opportunities after Diploma in Community Service:

Community Service Provider:

Community service providers get to be a bridge between the people who need support for personal and social issues; and service providers like doctors, healthcare professionals, counselors, etc. They provide guidance and encouragement to people who are at their lowest level. 

Community service providers listen, analyze and direct the people in need of support to the right solution providers.

The average salary in India: 

2,50,000/- per annum

Community Care Manager:

Community care managers are responsible for handling community care providers and directing them to the places where their help and assistance are most needed. They tend to allocate, schedule, and maintain community service care at various levels. 

Community care managers are hired both in the government and private sectors.

The average salary in India: 

10,00,000/- per annum


As people today work under a high-pressure environment and have to face a lot of crises like financial crises, managerial crises, etc they tend to get stressed and exhausted at times. At those points, it is always advisable to have someone who can listen and comfort you. But nowadays there is a lack of such people, and that is where counselors come in.

Counselors are responsible for listening, analyzing the issue of the individual and developing their mental state, and providing solutions. Counselors will be handling marital issues, depression, anxiety, etc. There is a huge demand for counselors in India.

The average salary in India: 

12,50,000/- per annum

Rehabilitation therapist:

Rehabilitation therapist jobs will be hitched to handling drug addicts, alcohol addicts, etc. The prime role of this job would be to analyze the condition of the patient, design a strict rehabilitation regime, analyze the progress of the patient, and make sure they gain the ability to not revert to addiction.

The average salary in India: 

5,00,000/- per annum


Community service in the present decade is the most essential profession as all around us we find enormous people with a lot of problems and sufferings to which we people cannot provide support. But the community service providers get trained in handling those critical situations and directing them toward the right solution. Many colleges and universities like Mansarovar Global University, the best arts college in Bhopal having realized the value of community services have started providing community service courses like Diploma in Community Services. So, it is now the students’ communities’ decision to choose this pathway.


  1. Is a Diploma in community service an undergraduate degree?

No, a Diploma in Community Service is a polytechnic degree and not an undergraduate degree.

  1. Are there postgraduate diploma courses after the diploma in Community service?

Yes, there are postgraduate diploma courses such as a postgraduate diploma in community development, etc which can be pursued after the diploma in Community service.

  1. Does MGU provide Diploma in Community service online mode?

No, MGU doesn’t provide Diploma in Community Service Online mode but in regular mode, i.e., full-time.

  1. What are the other courses provided by MGU under the department of humanities and social science studies?

MGU provides a Diploma in Social Work, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts(Hons), and Master of Arts other than a Diploma in Community Service under the department of humanities and social science studies.

  1. Do community service graduates have scope in international platforms?

Yes, international organizations like WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, and many more hire community service graduates for the development and welfare of the human community all around the world.

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