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2023’s 5 Most Fashionable Items

Getting ahead of the game never hurt anyone, and what better way to pass the winter months than by planning our 2023 wardrobe?

Fashion month did not disappoint – from fringing and cut-outs at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week debut to playful check suits and LBDs at Chanel, there are plenty of SS23 trends we can’t wait to try.

A Stylish Watch

A watch is one of the most important accessories that many men and women own. It is preferable to wear a watch that complements your outfit. Choosing a watch can be influenced by your personality. Some decisions are based on your style, while others are based on functionality. If you buy one watch and wear it in all situations, it should be neutral.

Some things must be considered when matching your style to a specific watch, as this will impact your outfit.

There are various watch categories from which to choose. These are commonly referred to as the type of watch you wear based on the occasion and profession you are currently involved in. The watch categories to choose from will depend on your outfit; they include:

  • Dress Watch. These simple ones only display the hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. They are typically used by people with no specific need but require a watch to tell the time. These are typically worn by people in executive offices, particularly salespeople, because they are best suited for an important client meeting, as how they present themselves can sometimes close a deal.
  • Diver’s Watch. These are typically worn in a casual setting but not in a formal setting. These are worn for events such as backyard barbeques, sporting events in which one participates, and other activities such as informal business meetings, shopping, happy hour, or outings with friends.
  • Chrono/Sport Watch. They are long-lasting, stylish, and made of high-quality composites. These are worn by sports enthusiasts and cannot be worn in a formal business or office setting where there is a dress code of formal attire.

Seiko Philippines is a good brand to choose from.


According to Ashley Full, cofounder and stylist at AMOUR781, lug-sole loafers will remain popular, particularly in the spring. Chunky rubber soles define the style.

The lug-sole loafers that were popular among ‘It Girls’ this fall will continue to be popular in spring. The chunky loafer will be the ideal complement to the preppy tennis miniskirts everyone will wear in 2022.


Shades of pink can make a bold statement. With the new Barbie movie coming out this year, stylists expect that pink will return. But, of course, it also does not hurt that the color of the year 2023 was magenta – a shade of pink.

Expect to see the bold head-to-toe matching pink in fun, bright shades. Those who are more reserved will likely opt to tone down pink with moss and fern green touches.


Varying shades of green will also come into view more this year, according to Ashley Full. Green is not the most conventionally attractive color, but it is fun to pair your outfits with. Some shades can be tougher to pair than others, like moss green. However, the fun remains in the challenge.

You can integrate green into your wardrobe as a pop of color. Or you can also pair it with a dark academia-inspired aesthetic.

Y2K Items

The return of Y2K fashion trends — from micro-mini skirts and low-rise waistlines to trucker hats — has puzzled some millennials who thought these trends were shelved away forever, only appearing in the occasional (cringe-inducing) viewing of school yearbooks over the past year, thanks to TikTok and the industry’s knack for nostalgia.

Nevertheless, Y2K items are here to stay.

Wrapping Up

While some millennials see the current Y2K fashion revival as an entertaining way to revisit their youth’s questionable fashion choices, for many, this latest wave feels like a chance to reclaim the freedom they didn’t have as teenagers. Couple the Y2k fashion revival with other items; it seems like the upcoming 2023 will be an interesting time for style.

Image Source: Unsplash

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