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5 Makeup Brushes You Must Have In Your Vanity

The brushes you utilize to blend your makeup and how you use them determines how your makeup looks in the end. Having a set of right makeup brushes in your vanity makes a lot of difference. There are a plethora of makeup brushes in the market, and it sometimes becomes challenging for the buyer to choose the right ones for them. 

Most novices do not want to invest a lot of money in creating their makeup kits. They want to invest in the tools that are necessary and would help them achieve a perfect makeup look. Makeup brush manufacturers suggest that every woman must have the below list of brushes in their vanities: 

Flat Brush For Concealing: 

Concealer is applied to hide the dark spots on your face, including the dark under-eye circles. You cannot use a big brush to blend the concealer under your eyes. In that case, a small flat brush that is especially meant for concealing works the best. This brush has thin edges, which means that it can reach even the smaller areas of your face to blend the makeup. 

Sponge Or A Flat Brush To Apply Foundation: 

Earlier, people used their fingers to apply and blend the foundation. But if you want the best coverage, sponges or flat brushes are the best. They will help you achieve a flawless foundation based on your face. Instead of dragging the foundation, you must blend it by patting it on your entire face using a sponge or a flat brush. 

Lightweight Powder Brush: 

Once you have applied foundation and concealer, the next step is to fix them by applying a layer of powder on your face. For this, you will require a lightweight powder brush. It is usually fluffy and big, which is very helpful in spreading the powder on your full face. If you have applied extra product by chance, you can tap it off using the same brush. 

Tapered Brush For Eyeshadow: 

Applying eyeshadow is very important to add a dramatic touch to your makeup. Usually, a tapered brush helps blend the eyeshadow with its soft bristles. You can also use it when you want to add some more eyeshadow to your eye crease. People with small eyes must have a tapered brush in their vanity as it helps make their eyes look bigger by adding depth to the eyeshadow. 

Fluffy Brush For Blushy Cheeks: 

Every woman loves when someone appreciates their blushy cheeks. To apply blush nicely on your cheeks, you must have a fluffy brush in your makeup kit. Apply the rosy blush upward to give your cheeks a lifted look. The best part about this fluffy brush is that you can even apply powder all over your face. 

To Sum Up

As there are so many options for makeup brushes in the market, it becomes challenging for women to pick only the essential ones. You don’t require 100s of brushes in your makeup kit to get a flawless makeup look. The must-have brushes in your vanity include a tapered brush to apply eyeshadow, a flat brush for foundation, a fluffy brush for blush, and a lightweight brush for powder. 

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