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What to know before getting a tragus piercing?

From the stacked earring Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, or Angelina Jolie flaunt, the curated ear has been a popular trend in ‘Ear Styling.’ Ear piercings are undeniably a rage in the fashion world, with newer looks and concepts that accentuate the personality a  piercing would surely compliment the entire look. When talking about curated ears, it means carefully positioning individual earrings to create a dazzling appearance. It takes time and patience to magnify the look as it is called a unique ‘art form .’The celebrities who set the trend in tragus ear piercings showcase the fashion motto of ‘the more, the merrier.’

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Tragus piercing on your mind: Read on to learn more about it.

What is it?

‘Tragus’ is the tiny part of the ear that protrudes from the sides of the face covering the ear canal. To analyze, it is important to understand the super nerve of the body – the ‘Vagus nerve .’It helps control the functioning of the other body parts like the heart, lungs, and digestive system. Theoretically, the Daith piercings are often “supported” with evidence that they offer anxiety relief by putting constant pressure stimulation on the vagus nerve. To provide comfort for people suffering from migraine and other health issues, the Vagus nerve is stimulated. Tragus piercing holding the anecdotal evidence provides anxiety relief no matter which side it is done. There is a myth that piercing the tragus can lead to nerve damage.

On the contrary, it proves to be beneficial for people who are obese. With acupuncture technique, it is known to control appetite. So people who have some weight loss goals as a New Year resolution get a makeover with tragus piercing. It gives you a vibrant look consequently aids in weight loss.

Is it painful?

As the process requires a needle that pierces the skin and flesh, don’t you think it would hurt? It will definitely hurt, and it is a mistake to believe that it will be all pain-free. What matters the most is that the tragus will cause less pain because it is thick cartilage. Further, the thickness will ensure higher protection even when punctured. On the brighter side, since there are not many nerve endings here, it will not cause damage. It is a simple prick, and it is done. Also, some people are fortunate not to feel any of the pain. It happens in an instant where the needle is pricked, by the time you exhale or by just a blink of the eye, it is over. Everything in piercing is relative, whether piercing a fleshy part or the cartilages. Sometimes it unnerves a few people as they can hear everything clearly. This happens because the ear canal has a needle next to it. Additionally, if you are going for a piercing, ensure that you took ample rest, had food, and were not stressed; if not, the pain is aggravated.

Does it require maintenance?

Of course, yes, it does require proper care after the piercing. Aftercare involves more discipline as compared to a normal ear lobe piercing. The person doing the piercing will give you the correct instructions, which are a mandate before and after pricking. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will reduce the pain and also keep the ear safe by evading complications. Furthermore, it will help in faster healing of the hole.

How to take care of the tragus piercing?

  • You can make a DIY saline solution or purchase it from the stores. Next, you must rinse it at least three times every day.
  • Keep the wound clean and dry.
  • Please don’t touch it with your hands as it will provide access to bacteria and germs that will cause harm to the wound.
  • Whenever you touch the piercing, ensure you wash your hands.
  • Use water to clean the crust formed on the wound and softly clean discharge from the wound, if any.
  • Products containing alcohol, fragrance, hydrogen peroxide should be avoided as it irritates the skin. These can lead to itchiness, redness, or a burning sensation.
  • A piece of bad news for people who use earplugs or headphones, as they must be avoided till the wound is completely healed. This might even take nearly two months to heal. But it is worth the wait. If not, it will hurt the ear and cause unbearable pain or bruises. Moreover, if there is any bruise, it might also lead to bleeding.
  • Lastly, be careful with accessories, hair, hats, or scarves which might touch the wound and worsen the situation.
  • While sleeping, try to rest straight or on the side that is not pierced.
  • Make sure you use a clean pillowcase as it harbors a lot of bacteria and dust particles. Sleeping on a dirty and dusty pillowcase will infect the wound.
  • Make your hair wash routine gentle, and use gentle shampoos. Next, avoid rubbing fiercely near the face and ears. Post hair wash, don’t use a harsh hair dryer directly on the wound, nor rub it roughly with a towel. Besides this, make sure you don’t sleep with wet hair as it promotes bacterial infection.

Is it risky?

Undoubtedly, there is no way that any shot, piercing, or prick is risk-free. People fret and try to be more cautious, especially with this one being just next to the face. As per research, every piercing is a puncture wound. It will hurt because you will put a needle through the ear; not only that, you will also cling a metal to it, which will bring some challenges. You may suffer from swelling, scars, torn piercing, or rejection as well. Yet the main danger is infection. Since these areas are not vascular, they don’t have enough white blood cells to fight bacterial infection. Moreover, the severity of the infection can lead to sepsis if it enters the bloodstream or leads to tissue necrosis.


Finally, though it gives a dazzling look, the consequences must be considered. If you have planned to get a tragus piercing, it is wise to find a reputable place to get it done. A simple way to check if the piercer is doing it right is to see if they are using a gun or needle. Experts suggest needles over guns as guns can damage the eardrum with pressure.

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