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How to Decorate Cakes Like a Professional

Whether you are an amateur baker or one that has been practicing for a while, you will want your cakes to look professionally decorated at all times. Beautiful tasting cakes can often be let down by poor decoration and finish, so what can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

Decide What Decoration and Design You Will Use

To get going, you must think about what decoration and design you will use. You are going to need some sort of plan or idea to get started. Without this, you will find that your decoration may end up being chaotic and confusing. So, if you are decorating a large cake, start by drawing up all of the things the cake must feature. Will it feature edible flowers? Give it a theme, and start modeling an idea. When you can do this, you can then start visualizing what the finished cake will look like. This visualization will make the decoration so much easier.

Use the Correct Equipment and Utensils

Once you have a design to work with, it is time to get the correct equipment and utensils to ensure you get the best finish. For example, when you are applying the frosting to a cake, whether on the top or the sides, you will want to use a spatula that you can work the icing with. You will also want to decorate cakes on top of a turntable or cake stand. If you try and decorate on a surface that is not raised, you may well struggle to bring your design and vision to life. To make sure you get everything you need (ideally before you start), why not put together a shopping list?

Use Beautiful Stencils 

Professional cake decorators create cakes that stand out and gain attention. You can do this by adding a cake stencil on top of your finished cake or perhaps even around the side of your cake. You can get cake stencils Christmas themed or even thanksgiving themed. You will not struggle to find one that will complement and transform a bland and boring cake into something extra special.

Let a Cake Cool Before Decorating

Professionals understand the importance of a cool cake. If you try and decorate a cake even when it is slightly warm, you will get substandard results. You will find that the frosting will slip or move out of place, and you will find that sugar paste (if you use it) will run and lose its shape. Waiting until a cake is totally cool is essential before jumping in and decorating. Allowing around 2-3 hours will help you get the best finish.

Use a Cake Stand

This is a must for decorating any sized cake. A cake stand will allow you to work your way around a cake both quickly and effortlessly. When looking at purchasing cake stands, think about whether you want a static one that doesn’t move. Also, think about whether a revolving one would suit you and your projects a little better.

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