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The latest craze of bubble shooter games and how to ace them

Developed by gamers, for gamers. Bubble shooter is one of the most fun and entertaining arcade games. Intended for recreational players and beginners, bubble shooter games are ideal for players of all levels and skills. Typically, these games involve an element of competition that keeps the players hooked and come back for a stress-busting and fun experience.

Amidst the launch of new mobile games every day, capturing the attention of millions of players is not that easy. However, bubble shooter with its simple yet engaging gameplay has managed to stand out and become a go-to game for players in their free time. It is a simple game that demands the players to compete against each other while scoring higher points to win.

The straightforward gameplay of Bubble shooter may present it as deceptively easy. But, there’s more to the game than what’s widely perceived. Had the game been as easy as it looked, the players would have been bored and never returned. It is the competitive aspect of the game that has made it one of the top mobile games in the past decade.

Bubble Shooter Games: A hard to put down

The bubble shooter game download is inspired by an era-defining game in the past decade and is now considered a classic. These games follow a simple gameplay where the player has to create a combination of three or more bubbles of the same color from the clustered bubbles at the top of the screen. The users are given options of two different colored bubbles that they can switch between in one go.

The aim should be to pop as many bubbles as they can from the cluster of bubbles at the top. As the game levels up, the cluster of bubbles is lowered slowly. In order to win, the players have to burst all the bubbles before the cluster touches the bottom of the screen. As soon as the cluster of bubbles reaches the bottom of the screen or the time is over, the screen freezes and the player has to restart the game once again.

Quite simple, isn’t it? So, what is so special about this game that has made it so popular among all age groups? Well, there are several reasons that have made bubble shooters a rage among regular and top-level mobile gamers. Here are some top reasons why people love playing the bubble shooter game.

Unlimited fun & excitement

The exciting and colorful gameplay of the bubble shooter game makes them irresistible to stop playing. The competitive aspect and time-sensitive features of the game challenge participants to score high by performing at their best. As the players level up, the time limits and combinations are set accordingly to fuel high levels of fun & excitement.

Ideal for all age groups

Whether 5 or 50, bubble shooter games are ideal for all age groups. It is the simplicity of the game that attracts players and keeps them glued. Bubble shooter games are entertaining and players don’t have to possess any special skills or knowledge before playing the game. Generally, a bubble shooter game is a simple point-and-shoot game that doesn’t require the player to put in much effort.

Stress buster

With a bubble shooter game download, you can bid adieu to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Given our modern lifestyle and hectic schedules, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. Hence, it’s important that we indulge in recreational activities to bust stress and relax our minds. Playing bubble shooter games can be a great stress buster and the best part? You don’t need anyone or go anywhere to play. A smart device and couch are all that you need to relax.

Tips for acing the bubble shooter game

Once you’ve begun playing the bubble shooter game, there’s likely to be an urge to get better at it. We understand and you’re not to be blamed for this. So, to help you score better and increase your chances of winning, the following are some tips that will elevate your game from beginner level to expert in no time.

Detach cluster of bubbles

The aim of any bubble shooter game is to pop bubbles in the puzzle before they touch the bottom of the screen. The game is played either by shooting and popping the bubbles directly or by detaching them from the puzzle. Mind it, detached bubbles are worth more points than popped ones.

  • Aim at the walls

Shooting while aiming at the walls increases the range of shoot and target bubbles that seems unreachable at first. Aiming at the walls is an important strategic move that you can make to pop and detach bubbles in bulk.

  • Identify the big group of same-colored bubbles

Doing so will increase your progress and chances of winning. Identifying and shooting at big clusters of the same colored bubbles can pave way for a wide and clear path, giving access to aim for the upper bubbles.

  • Maintain clear walls

Walls play a crucial role in the bubble shooter game. When you bounce off the shooter bubble on the walls, the targeted bubbles pop easily and in large numbers. Hence, to use the walls strategically to your advantage, ensure that the walls are clear and you have clear access to the walls.

  • Keep switching the shooter balls

Very often, players tend to forget that they can change the color of the shooting bubble. The fact that you switch the shooter ball’s color is itself an advantage for the player. For example, the player can choose to shoot with a specific colored bubble that will potentially open a clearer path.

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