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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a 5-Star Hotel

If you have had the chance to live in a 5-star luxury hotel anytime in your life, you might have noticed how charismatic their rooms are. The elegant and simplistic furniture, fluffy pillows, comfortable mattress and other such staple things of a 5-star hotel room will make you come back and attain that experience every time you go out on a vacation or a business trip.

But what if you can attain the same level of luxury for your bedroom? Yes, you read it right! The level of luxury and comfort that you enjoy at a 5-star hotel can be replicated for your bedroom as well.

The luxury elements of the 5-star hotel rooms are what help you melt down your stress levels and add more excitement to your trip. Your room itself becomes an enjoyable destination. So, in this article, let’s discuss bringing in some of those elements to your bedroom and replicating the luxury of a 5-star hotel room at home.

1) Get a Plush Comfort Mattress and Set Your Bed Right

What’s the first thing that you prefer doing after entering a 5-star hotel room? You probably lay down flat on the bed to relieve your body from the travel stress. Isn’t it? And that’s the moment you get lost in the comfort and huggable feel that the 5-star hotel mattress offers you.

Now, if this is the level of comfort you enjoy, why limit it just for the trip days and not forever? Keeping that in mind, you need to swap your existing mattress with a plush comfort option, which will become the centre of all attention in your bedroom.

First, you must get the best quality bed appropriate for accommodating the sleeping members. If you already have the best one, go for the mattresses of superior quality. Now, what defines superior quality? The plushness, thickness, body support, breathability and other such features are what define whether you should go with the mattress or not.

For you to relate, Sleepwell Nexa Mattress is one such option that is the epitome of luxury for you to attain a comfortable and restful sleep. From the plush top feel to the anti-skid bottom fabric, it has a total of 6 layers, within 6 and 8-inch thickness options, ensuring you attain 5-star hotel-like comfort!

Once you get your selected product, just like the mattress used in luxury hotels, the next important thing to count on is choosing the best quality linens for the bedding. And make sure they are fresh, clean and offer the desirable plushness. After that, go ahead and centre four pillows over the bed, two on either side of your mattress.

You can prefer using white bedsheets for the bed, as you know that the 5-star hotels do the same. The reason behind this is that white bed sheets make the bed look fresh and clean, and it becomes easier to spot dirt or stains for easy washing. Get all the luxury bedding gear you can, but your mattress, bedding linens and pillows should be of superior quality on priority!

2) Install the Layered Lighting

Once you are done selecting the bed, pillows, sheets and mattress used in hotels to craft your bedroom space, the next important thing to count on is ambience. Now, what do you think creates a perfect ambience around a space? The layered lighting, for sure! Every 5-star hotel room comes with soft and layered lighting, which creates a perfect mood for almost everything.

You can do the same by adding golden layer lights to your bedroom, preferably at the wall scones, table lamps, floor lamps or ceiling fixtures. Talk to the dedicated experts and combine accent, task and ambient lighting around the space, for producing an intimate and cosy aesthetic of the room.

If you already tried creating aesthetic lighting around your bedroom in the past but aren’t liking it, it is time you tone them down. For instance, if the layered lighting is of high wattage, you can consider lowering it to create an ambient appeal. Following that, you can add some other hubs around the bedrooms with other lighting fixtures, to attain the desirable vibe.

This way, you will be able to create the perfect 5-star hotel-like luxury atmosphere that you always wanted for your bedroom space. The key rule to implement while adding layered lighting to the room is that it should be soft and moody. Once your ceiling or floor-layered lighting is done, if you still feel something is missing, you can install lamps with shades made of soft fabric right next to your bed.

Make sure, the side table use isn’t too low in height and should match the level of your mattress. This way, it won’t just be easily accessible for you to operate those lamps but will also add elegance to the room. Remember to choose a side table based on the type of mattress you opt for in your bedroom, and not vice versa.

3) Display Some Art

A mattress for a 5-star hotel-like look isn’t sufficient to complete the desired vibe you expect to attain from your bedroom. It is because your walls are still empty, which isn’t something you usually see in hotel rooms. Adding artwork to the bedroom will add more personality to the space, as that’s the element that a 5-star hotel room adopts gracefully.

You can prefer taking the opportunity to display a large framed photo or a canvas art of your taste, to fill one end of the wall completely. If not, you can also stick with creating a gallery wall with multiple photo frames placed in an aesthetic manner. The choice of art pieces will completely depend on whether you prefer a modern aesthetic or a traditional style.

For a suggestion, you can consider adding black and white figure drawings that will be quite chic for the bedroom space. These art pieces, paired with spotlights over them, are what will add immense charm to your bedroom. Following that, the choice of wall and the placement height should be your personal preference.

If you need help, you can always call in professional designers to help suggest the best positioning of your favourite art pieces. If there are still some usable spaces left after placing all your artwork, add mirrors to those spaces to make your room look bigger and add an enhanced aesthetic vibe.

4) Don’t Miss Out on the Bathroom

If you are done identifying which mattress is used in 5-star hotels or what lighting is preferred in their luxury ceilings, it is time you pay attention to the bathroom space as well. It is undeniable how well-organised and beautiful the bathroom spaces look & feel in a 5-star hotel room. Isn’t it?

So, if you care to miss out on adding that elegance to your attached bathroom to the bedroom, will you be able to feel the complete essence of a luxurious hotel room? Probably not! Therefore, you should make some aesthetic changes to your bathroom, which will decide if your luxury revamp of the bedroom is a success or not.

The first thing you must do to revamp your bathroom space is to ensure all the tiles on the floor or walls are not just clean but shiny-clean! In the next step, get rid of everything that’s the reason for some lingering smell and enhance the ventilation. Following that, you can make use of fresh towels and keep some extra ones rolled and stacked in an organised place.

Next, the bathroom supplies should also be stacked over the counter neatly, and that should be maintained over time. If possible, bring in some appealing bathroom hardware accessory sets that will complement the lighting and overall appeal of the space.

5) Add Some Luxurious and Soothing Aroma

Make it a habit to add a pleasant aroma to your bedroom every evening!! When you first walked into a 5-star hotel room, didn’t you get mesmerised by the soothing and clean aroma? Well, this is something that will add the next level of luxury for you to count on. So, to complete your revamp of the bedroom to give it a luxury vibe, just like a hotel room, add aromatic candles or essential oil diffusers.

If you want to keep things more realistic, consider using fresh flowers every day to get some natural fragrance every time you walk into your room after a tiring day. There is an abundance of options out there for you to choose your taste in what kind of fragrance you want in your bedroom.


These are the five things you must do on priority if you want to change the overall appeal of your bedroom and make it look just like a 5-star hotel room. Now, you don’t need to head out for a vacation to be excited about availing a luxurious stay; you can do it in the comfort of your home and with a reasonable investment.

Your goal with this approach should be to make the space more comfortable and relaxing, not just to the body but also to the mind!

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