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ACL Reconstruction in India: Treatment, Complications, and Outcomes

Movement of the body is possible because of our joints. The ACL is the crucial ligament that allows the person to move freely and control his rotational and forward direction of the knees. Sudden injuries to the ligament can trouble the patient, which can only be resolved by ACL reconstruction. 

India, as an emerging medical tourist destination, came up with a better solution for patients with knee issues. Acl Anterior Cruciate Ligament Cost In India allows patients to get quality medical care at an affordable cost. India’s medical infrastructure is growing with time and advances day by day. 

What is the Purpose of the ACL in the Knee Joint? 

ACL is a crucial medical procedure in which the damaged ligament is fixed using grafts. It is also known as Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This is important to ensure the proper movement of the knee joint. Most of the person damage their ligament during some sports activity or heavy physical movement. 

This condition leads them to face unstable movement and limited mobility. The damaged ligament was replaced with a graft in the ACL reconstruction surgery. This graft is harvested from a donor or the patient’s body. This will help in allowing patients to move like before. 

What are the Indicators of ACL Reconstruction? 

ACL reconstruction can be indicated when a patient experiences some ACL injury. The most common indicators include the acute tears that lead the person to knee stability. It can affect the sports or physical activities of the person. It can become more critical when the injuries repetitively take place—the person with damaged ligament experiences persistent pain and functional limitations.

What is the ACL Reconstruction Surgical Procedure? 

The surgical process is completed under the supervision of experienced doctors, surgeons, and medical professionals. The patient is first placed under anaesthesia to ensure that the patient experiences a painless surgery. After the anaesthesia, a minor surgical cut was made by the surgeon. The professionals use the arthroscopic technique to get clear access to the knee joint. 

After that, the non-working or damaged ACL gets out of the knee, and a graft is inserted in that place. It is fixed by using screws and other fixation devices. Post-operative rehabilitation is required after the surgery. It helps in regaining strength and knee stability. 

What are the Complications and Risks Involved in ACL Reconstruction?

However, ACL reconstruction is effective in giving optimal results to the patients. However, certain complications and risk factors are involved with the process that can give adverse results to the patients. Graft failure is one of the biggest challenges in this procedure. 

Because of this, the ligament doesn’t heal properly. In some conditions, stiffness and loss of range of motion can lead the patient to rehab again. Blood clots are another complication that can happen after the surgery. The other complicated factors involve damage to blood vessels, pain, swelling, and others. 

How Much Does ACL Reconstruction Cost in India? 

Medical treatment and surgical procedures are expensive as they involve various aspects other than the treatment. There are plenty of direct and indirect factors that affect the overall cost of the treatments. ACL Reconstruction Cost in India is low in comparison to many other developed countries. 

The treatments cost between INR 1.4 lacs and INR 1.8 lacs. There can be 4 to 12 days of hospital stays that can increase the cost of the treatment. The stay is directly connected with the condition of the patients. 

What are the Expected Outcomes of the ACL Reconstruction? 

The expected outcomes of the treatment lie between 75% to 97%. Mostly, the results are positive. It improves the functional mobility of the person and offers them better health and well-being. The rehabilitation after the surgery also helps in improving the outcomes of the ACL reconstruction. 

Other aspects can affect the outcome of the treatment result, including the surgeon’s skill, the patient’s medical condition, and background. 

Which Hospitals Offered ACL Reconstruction? 

Many hospitals in India offer ACL reconstruction treatment with optimal treatment rates. These hospitals include – 

Apollo Hospitals of Mumbai 

  • Apollo Hospitals is known for offering its patients comprehensive treatment and affordable medical services.
  • The hospital has reputed accreditation from NABH and JCI, which builds patients’ trust in its medical infrastructure, professional team, and international medical standards.
  • The medical professional team offers treatment to thousands of patients every year.

Fortis Hospital Bangalore 

  • Fortis Hospital is a trusted medical institution providing top-notch facilities and quality medical care, founded in the year 2006.
  • The hospital has expertise in treating the knee conditions of the patient and other conditions like asthma, jaundice, chickenpox, and many others.
  • The high level and advanced services and success rate of the patient’s health condition make the hospital win various awards and recognition. 

AMRI Hospital Kolkata 

  • AMRI Hospital is one of the best hospitals that deals with knee conditions and many other medical complications of patients all around the world.
  • The hospital is situated in four different locations in Kolkata, India. It has accreditation with the NABH, NABL, and GreenOT.
  • The professional medical team of the hospital has performed more than 15,000 successful surgeries till now. 

Jaypee Hospital Noida 

  • Jaypee Hospital is established in the year 2014 and continuously offers its medical services to improve the health and well-being of its patients.
  • Apart from joint surgeries, the hospitals have specialisation in the field of renal disease, oncology, cardiology, and many others.
  • It offers various medical facilities to its patients, including a 24/7 ambulance, testing, pharmacy, and OPD. 

In the past years, India has evolved as one of the leading powers in medical service providers. From hospitals to specialists, everything is available for the patient. Patients not only get advanced treatment options, but also surgeons design the treatment plan according to their medical needs and demand. ACL Reconstruction Cost in India is the leading factor that attracts medical tourists. The success of the treatment for the patients is high in India. Medical professionals use their best practices to make the medical procedure effective for the patient’s health. 

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