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Habits to develop for a more productive lifestyle at the workplace

We always look up to those who get things done in time and are always efficient at what they do daily. The efficiency and effectiveness of work come from building habits that will add value to your life. As human beings, we are accustomed to doing certain things in a certain manner. Changing our habits to more productive ones is easy if done in the right mindset. Any task that is done consistently over 21 days turns into a habit and if done for 40 consecutive days, then it turns into a lifestyle. 

By studying highly efficient people, we can conclude that they are not robots or machines. They are normal people like us but with a more effective mindset. Therefore, by understanding their habits, it is easier to live a more productive life like them. It is not easy to change your lifestyle overnight and become more productive. However, by making small changes to your daily routine, you can develop certain habits that will enable you to be your most productive self. 

This article outlines some of the methods that will help you create a disciplined lifestyle that eventually leads to living a productive life. Living a productive life on a daily will eventually reflect on your work life at your workplace. 

  1. Cultivate deep work

Considering the amount of work, we all have every day, we have learnt to multitask. However, multitasking is not the most efficient way to be productive. To cultivate deep work, you must devote serious work time and mental effort to reach the highest level of efficiency. Additionally, try to stay away from distractions and do nothing if you are taking a break. 

  1. Identify your long-term priorities

It is easy to fall into a trap where you focus on unnecessary goals more and put most of your energy into that. Identify your long-term goals and prioritize them. Delegate the work that can be done by someone else and focus on things that can only be done by you. 

  1. Recharge yourself often 

Your energy is as important as your time, to stay productive all day. You can’t possibly be as efficient if you are low on energy. It is essential to recharge yourself by getting an adequate amount of sleep, eating well, staying hydrated and engaging in healthy habits. For instance, employees at FNP Venues conduct activities on a weekly basis to boost company morale.

  1. Taking breaks is a good idea

To increase levels of productivity, it is advised to take breaks every 55 minutes. It is not possible to be completely focused all the time and that leads to distractions. Taking frequent and short breaks will help you stay focused and fresh. However, structure your breaks in a way that does not change into distractions. 

  1. Plan for failure before it happens

One secret of efficient people is that they create contingency plans for failure. Make an if/then plan for worst-case scenarios. This way you will be prepared for an unpredictable situation, and you can adapt quickly in case things go wrong. This will help you stay focused and highly efficient, rather than freaking out and wasting time. 

  1. Motivation comes after productivity 

We all believe that productivity comes when you are motivated. However, that is not completely true. You don’t need motivation or inspiration to work efficiently, rather you will get motivated when you are productive and efficient. Highly productive people believe that hard work leads to motivation, which in turn leads to more action. 

  1. Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty

One way to get easily distracted is by getting excited about new opportunities. New things crop up all the time. It is difficult to say no to people and things, but it is the only way to stay on top of important tasks that you have prioritized for yourself. 

  1. Make fewer decisions about inefficient things 

It is essential to make fewer decisions as it consumes time and energy. Spend less time making decisions about inefficient things. Try to automate tasks that do not require all your attention. Try outsourcing or eliminating everyday decisions so you can focus more on important things. 

  1. Apply the 80/20 rule 

80/20 rule is a principle applied by highly efficient people to productively get done with their important tasks. Also known as the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule suggests that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort that you put in. This way you will spend more time on tasks that have a bigger impact and are relatively more important. 

  1. Eliminate inefficient communication 

Try to make your communication content clearer to spend less time on inefficient communication. Emails are the most common method of communication in the workplace. By practising deep work, it is more efficient to draft better worded and more detail-oriented emails to make the communication more valuable. This way you will spend less time sending emails back and forth for further clarification. 

Highly efficient and productive people have adopted these strategies to make more valuable use of their time. It may seem difficult but these small changes to your daily routine can work wonders. Productivity tips are mainly about managing time, making better to-do lists, taking care of yourself and being more proactive. Additionally, it is always a good idea to seek help if you are lost or overwhelmed, for better productivity. 

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