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Kidney Transplant Cost in India: Affordable Treatment for Kidney Failure Conditions

Kidney transplants are a valued surgical treatment for people suffering from serious renal failure. The surgery followed by replacing a damaged or non-functioning kidney to improve the patient’s quality of life. It helps in reducing patients’ reliance on dialysis and provides them with the hope of returning to their normal daily activities and routines.

As a rising global hub for kidney transplants, India offers top-notch medical facilities along with world-class expertise in the field of kidney transplantation. Kidney transplant cost in India, skilled medical professionals, and quality healthcare solutions are the three major pillars that provide comprehensive solutions for patients who are seeking kidney transplant procedures.

What is a Kidney Transplantation?

Kidney Transplantation is a beneficial surgical intervention. It provides a life-saving alternative for people with deadly renal disorders, infections, or failure. Surgeons replace the damaged kidney with a healthy one obtained from either a living or deceased donor. This surgery restores kidney function and enhances the patient’s quality of life.

What Are the Different Kinds of Kidney Transplants?

There are two kinds of kidney transplants. Both types have their advantages and considerations.

  • Living Donor –In this type of transplant, the kidney is taken from the living donor. The donor needs to go through some evaluations and tests to ensure compatibility.
  • Deceased Donor –In this, the transplanted kidney is taken from a deceased donor. This type of transplant has a better success outcome.

What is the Surgical Intervention Followed by the Surgeons in Kidney Transplant?

Kidney failure leads patients to a kidney transplant procedure. This transplant surgery helps in replacing the damaged or non-functioning kidney with a healthy kidney. The surgeon can follow an open surgery or a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery according to the patient’s health condition. Transplanted kidney blood vessels are connected to those of the recipient and the ureter is connected to the bladder. After the surgery, the patient is closely observed under the supervision of the surgeon to discover any complications or recovery process.

Is Kidney Transplant Cost in India Affordable?

Although a kidney transplantation cost is expensive in many countries. But India offers affordable solutions for all types of medical conditions including kidney transplants. The initial kidney transplant costs in India start from INR 5.7 lacs. It can go up to more than INR 7 lacs depending on the medical condition of the patient. Also, some other factors affect the transplantation cost, including the hospital stay, location of the hospital, surgeon’s fees, and others.

Why Post Operative Care is Needed After Kidney Transplant?

Post-operative care ensures the patient’s smooth recovery. It is also essential to check the complications faced by the patient. Post-operative care is needed for long-term success. It helps to observe the proper kidney function post-surgery. 

Patients can adopt a healthy lifestyle that involves exercise and a healthy diet as their routine. This can help in improving the health condition after the surgery. Regular check-ups and follow-ups with the medical professional become a critical part of post-operative care.

What are Some Risk Factors Faced by the patients During the Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplant is a life-saving surgical intervention, but there are some risk factors involved in this. Rejection of the transplanted kidney is the major risk factor. In this, the recipient’s immune system attacks the new kidney. 

There are some other risk factors are also involved including kidney infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, and organ failure. Medicines can help manage the risk. Surgeons’ skill and expertise helps in reducing the risk factor and giving patients a quality of life.

Who are the Best Medical Professionals for Kidney Transplant Procedure?

India has numerous trained and expert medical professionals. These medical professional not only has the medical degree and the certifications but also the ability to guide patients about their condition and offer them the best medical advice.

Dr. Saritha Vinod

  • Saritha Vinod is a well-known nephrologist in India, working for more than 26 years in the medical field and giving the best health outcomes to patients.
  • She has expertise in renal replacement therapy and performed the procedure with ease and medical skillfulness.
  • She is an MBBS and MD in nephrology and is also a part of active member of the Indian Medical Association. 

Dr. P Chatree

  • Dr. P. Chatree is counted among the most senior kidney transplant surgeons and specialists. He has been working in the field for more than 33 years.
  • He provided optimal surgery outcomes for thousands of patients who are dealing with serious kidney diseases and failure.
  • His expertise in renal conditions assures patients that they are treated under the right hand. He also offers consultations to patients at a very affordable cost.

Dr. C. Chinnaswami

  • Dr. C. Chinnaswami is a reputed urology and renal transplant surgeon. He has been contributing to the medical field for the last 45 years.
  • Besides being an expert in the renal transplant, he also has expertise in male sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy surgery, and H.I.V.
  • He offers comprehensive and personalized treatment care plans for the patients and provides personal consultation over the treatment procedure and treatment cost.

Dr. Jyotsna Zope

  • Dr. Jyotsna Zope is a certified nephrologist and a well-known renal surgeon who has been working in this field for the last 37 years.
  • She is an expert in dealing with kidney-related diseases and offers patients faith in Indian medical services and facilities.
  • She is a member of many national and international medical associations and organizations. Also, provides her valuable knowledge to young minds.

The kidney is an essential part of the human body that needs to work properly to regulate the function actively. India offers support to patients facing kidney-related problems. It offers not only the life-saving treatment plans but also the cost-effectiveness. Kidney transplant cost in India are one of the positive factors that help give the patients a path to worthwhile help and affordability. Every year, patients from Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and many other countries visit India to get quality treatment for their health conditions. 

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