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Protect Your Eyesight with These 5 Tips

Eyesight is something so valuable and necessary for navigating the world with confidence and independence that it is vital you protect it from lasting damage. Those with significant vision loss are of course as capable of meaningful contributions as anyone else, but if you have the privilege of eyesight then it is something worth preserving. Here are five ways you can keep your eyes safe and maintain good eyesight for as long as possible.

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Eyes are incredibly delicate body parts and should be treated with great care. The most common harsh chemicals that find their way into a person’s eyes are various cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner, soap and shampoo, and anything a person has touched before touching their eye. For example, getting food in your eye can cause an infection that could potentially lead to poor vision. If you work somewhere with particularly strong chemicals in some form (whether that’s liquid or gas) make sure to wear proper eye protection.

2. Maintain Moisture

Tear ducts are there for a reason. Since eyes are so finely tuned and delicate, they require frequent moisture to stop dryness from causing damage to the eye’s surface. Tears protect your eyes from being scratched. If necessary, consider using eye drops for additional moisture.

3. Improve Your Vision

Many people are either born with or develop eye conditions and this can gradually start to impact your life in unexpected ways. For example, the connection between visual stimuli and the brain’s interpretation is so complex that a decline in eyesight can lead to hallucinations and increased anxiety among sufferers. This is why improving your vision before it deteriorates can make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. There are different procedures for different types of patients. Laser eye surgery cost is an important factor to consider, but it may well be worth it for the prolonged and improved quality of eyesight if you suffer from long- or short-sightedness.

4. Defend Against Bright Light

Any form of intense light can have a severely damaging effect on your eyesight. Every child learns at a young age not to look at the sun. Bright lights can irreparably damage your eyes so it’s important to either look away from bright light, wear protective eye gear such as sunglasses with UV protection. To be extra cautious and protect your eyes, turn down the brightness on your devices and, if possible, change your screens to a warmer tone of light.

5. Don’t Take Risks

There are some times in life when taking risks is worthwhile. Perhaps you want to risk asking your boss for a raise. Maybe you could risk rejection and ask someone to go on a date with you. But one thing you definitely should never risk is your eyesight. Not only is it so precious, but it is incredibly difficult to get back once it’s gone. If you work somewhere with flying shrapnel, wear protective goggles. You may feel silly, but your eyes are worth it.

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