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Tips on Buying a Portable Sauna

People in Finland have been using saunas for centuries, as they recognize the benefits seen with the use of these devices. With the help of a sauna, a person can lower their risk of pulmonary diseases, obtain relief from arthritis pain, and more. A session in the sauna leaves the user feeling relaxed and restored. Many people today choose to invest in a portable sauna so they can see these benefits at home. What should they know when making this purchase?

EMF Exposure

Countless people worry about their EMF exposure when using a portable sauna. They don’t want to harm their health while trying to improve it. Electric and magnetic fields or EMFs are found anywhere electricity is used today. High-frequency EMFs are of concern, but people have limited exposure to them. This exposure comes when they undergo a CT scan or use a tanning bed.

Low EMFs are found in numerous places. Microwaves produce low EMFs for example. Scientists remain unsure of the damage from low EMF devices, which is why a person needs to consider a low EMF or infrared sauna. Doing so will help protect their health until researchers gain a better understanding of the effects of electric and magnetic fields on human health.

Sauna Options

Consumers find they have options when purchasing a portable sauna. They may choose a tent sauna, which uses steam or infrared heat to provide the desired benefits. The sauna fits around the person’s body, and the head remains outside of the tent when it is used.

A sauna blanket resembles a sleeping bag. A person lies down in the blanket, zips up, and lets the blanket go to work. A person can fall asleep in the blanket, as it comes with a timer for automatic shutoff.

Towable saunas are ideal for those who love to travel. They can be moved between locations with ease. A person will often need to have the device custom-made and may wish to rent one before buying it to ensure it will meet their needs.

Ease of Use

A portable sauna won’t see much use if it is difficult to put up and take down. Consider this when researching different models and ensure the selected one will be easy to assemble and disassemble. Test the control panel of each model, and spend time checking the zipper, foot pads, chairs, or other items that come included with the device.

In addition, learn how long it will take for the sauna to reach the desired temperature. Nobody wants to wait around for the sauna to reach this level of heat, so find one that does so in the shortest time. Doing so will ensure the sauna sees more use.

These are only a few of the many factors that should be considered when purchasing a portable sauna. Others include price and zoned heating. Never purchase a portable sauna on impulse. With ample research and testing of a few devices, you are sure to find a sauna you love and want to use regularly. Doing so will provide health benefits beyond what you could imagine.

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