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As the world is suffering from the Covid-19 situation, there are specific guidelines that we should follow in order to protect ourselves and our family members from Covid-19. The most crucial guideline states that we must wear masks whenever we go out in public places. A large number of manufactures switched to the production of masks to overcome the economic crisis. As a result, there are a variety of masks available in the market.

One must always buy a reusable cloth mask because it is financially feasible. The disposable masks can be used one time if every person uses a disposable mask every time he goes out, the number of masks required will be infinite. Hence, to maintain a pace with the manufacturing capability, we must choose a reusable cloth mask. The disposable masks should be buried after use; it is not possible for the people living in urban towns to find a proper place for burying the used masks.

Though the safety ensured by N95 masks is the maximum, we should still not use that. They have a carbon filter that blocks tthe entry of contaminants. The N95 masks should be reserved for the doctors, caregivers, and pathologists as some manufacturing constraints are present. The N95 masks are expensive in comparison to the cloth masks. When it comes to cloth masks, a wide range of options are available in the market. We must select a mask wisely so that it is both comfortable as well as secure.

While purchasing a cloth mask, we must keep a few things in mind:

  • The mask must have multiple layers of fabric.
  • The material of the mask should be thick sufficient to stop droplets from cough, sneeze, or spit entering our mouth or nose.
  • The fiber used in the head must be thick.
  • To give a required texture, we can combine layers from different materials.
  • We must wear the mask and check that it is comfortable and of proper size.
  • We must make sure that our nose and mouth is fully covered; there are no air gaps in between.
  • Check that the thread or the ear binding of the mask is soft, so that it doesn’t hurt our ears.
  • For children, a child-sized mask should be bought.

Health workers must make sure that they are wearing facemasks and gloves, even if they are treating a person who doesn’t show any symptoms. Proper Personal protective equipment should be designed and made available to doctors at a minimal price.

The maintenance of a cloth mask is also effortless. We can simply wash the mask with hot water whenever we come back from public places. The home detergents, along with disinfectants, can be used for cleaning them. The dirty masks must be kept isolated and wash separately. If you have a drier in your washing machine, you can use that also. Due to regular washing, if your mask gets worn out, you can go for replacement.

Article by Aarif Habeeb – A content writer and marketing consultant at stitches

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