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The Claims Process: What to Expect When Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Virginia

If you have been a car accident victim in Virginia, you will probably go through an insurance claims process. Knowing what to expect can make the procedure much more convenient, from the initial reporting of the accident to the final settlement of the claim. 

Moreover, it is wise to notify your insurance company immediately after the accident. Most car insurance VA have 24-hour call lines that you can call to report the accident. Here is the step-by-step guide to properly file for a car claim in Virginia.

Reporting of the Accident and Gathering of Information 

The first thing you have to do after a car crash is notify your insurance company. In Virginia law, you must report any accident resulting in injury, death, or property damage worth $1,500 or more to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 30 days. Nevertheless, you should notify your insurance company promptly after the accident. Most insurance companies have 24-hour claims hotlines, which you can call to report the accident. 

When reporting an accident to your insurance company, you need to make sure that you give all the necessary details, such as your policy number, the date and time of the accident, the place where the accident happened, how the accident happened, and the names and contacts of everyone involved in the incident, including the witnesses. Also, take pictures of the accident scene.

Claim Investigation and Damage Estimation 

After making the report, your insurance company will initiate the claim investigation. This may imply reviewing the details of the accident, examining the damage to your vehicle, and determining who was wrong in the accident. 

Your insurance company will work with you to determine the cost of your vehicle’s repair. They might send adjusters to visit the damage and give an estimate of repair costs. In other cases, you will be asked to acquire repair estimates from approved repair stations. 

Repairing Your Vehicle 

When the damage has been evaluated and the claim has been approved, you can take your car to be repaired. Most car insurance VA give a list of really good repair shops, or you may be free to choose your own. It is important to bear in mind that you could be required to pay a deductible before your insurance provider pays for the necessary repairs.

Settlement and Closing the Claim

Once your vehicle has been repaired, your insurance company will settle the claim by paying for the cost of repairs minus any deductible that applies to your policy. If your vehicle is deemed a total loss, your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of your car minus any deductible. The claim will be closed once it has been settled and your vehicle has been repaired.


Filing a car insurance claim in Virginia doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s essential to understand the process. Knowing what to expect allows you to navigate the claims process more easily and ensure you receive the coverage you need. If you have any questions or concerns about filing a car insurance claim, don’t hesitate to contact car insurance VA.

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