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5 Fun Things to Do With Your Child during Holidays

5 Amazing Tips to Spend a Memorable Holiday with Your Kid

Holidays are the fun time for both adults and children. In a holiday an adult can let his or her inner child emerge to play. Thus, holidays are a great time to create some bonding between parent and his or her child. Some children called it contentment while others say that it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling. Regardless of the description children develop an increased sense of safety and security during family holidays. Parents may not place great importance on playing on their own, but children see them laugh and giggle and enjoy silliness, they experience a high level of comfort. This comfort informs them that all is right in the world and a portion of that security remains long after the holiday ends. It helps them to explore the new world, foods, and activities which they might not otherwise experience. It develops their mindset and in this receptive frame of mind, they are willing to try something new. Lots of ways are there to entertain and spend quality time with a child. Yet, if you are looking for the top 5, then here they are. Look at them and know how easily you can make a holiday memorable.

Go For a Picnic

Picnics are always the perfect means to make a holiday memorable. As the holidays are coming, many of us would be planning a picnic. To help your kids, especially the younger ones, spend a good time with them, it will help them to think and anticipate what they would need during the day.

  • Water Bottles: Make sure your children are well fed in the morning if your picnic is happening at hike or some other event. Carry water bottles with ice and remind your children to drink them regularly to stay hydrated.
  • Food Container: As you won’t be carrying dishes with you, so make your container a packing container. You can use a bento box or other containers which are deeper than it is wider and reusable too. This will save space and allow you to plan for allergies or preferences for individual family members.
  • Take Care Of Their Skin: As of the weather, make sure you bring sunscreen for your kids and a hat to protect them from the sun.
  • Carry Disinfectant: Bathrooms in the picnic areas aren’t always hygienic for your baby, keep a bottle of water for washing hands and a disinfectant.

Go for a picnic with your kid at a nearby place and play around with him like a kid. This will certainly make your kid smile and thus, it will make your holiday memorable because being a parent nothing can be important than your child’s smile. You can even make some tents at home and can provide your child a feeling like camping; if you don’t want to go outside the home. 

Plan Treasure Hunting

Be it an adult or a kid, treasures lures everyone. Being a kid your child is keen to know the unknown like adults.

  • Plan some treasure hunting and let your kid explore new things on the voyage. Treasure hunting is a learning game and is quite simple. You can play the game with your child in two versions.
  • One is picture version which will help your child to learn how to draw and another is word version which will help your child to learn about using metaphors. Place your treasure in a predetermined place and use all your picture clues to get there.
  • The picture will show the location of the next picture clue and so on until the last picture will show the location of the treasure.
  •  Teach your child the game and ask him or her to find the treasure and prepare the picture clue which will lead them to the treasure. The trail of clues in this game is as long as you can choose it to be and can be an outdoor trail or an indoor one.
  • It is certainly a great game to play which will involve creativity, mystery, and pleasure of deduction. If you want to give your kid some gift, hide it like a treasure and let him or her get amazed upon discovering the treasure. 

Doing this you can also improve your kid’s health, as treasure hunting will involve lots of going here and there. While the main goal is finding the treasure but half the enjoyment is embracing the journey. It can be a great activity for your kids to be familiar with the area. The joy of discovery is universal. This will also boost the self-esteem of your child by solving those mysteries and cracking those puzzles.

Go For a Dinner

Going for a dinner will obviously help you and your kid to have fun. Researchers have found that conversations with young children during the dinner time boost their vocabulary even more than being read aloud to.

  • Young kids learn a lot of words in their dinner table. Children who also have regular dinners with their parents also tend to eat more fruits, vitamins, vegetables, and the nutritional benefits keep paying dividends even after kids grow up.
  • They will have fewer depressive symptoms which are particular among adolescent girls. They are less likely to become obese or have an eating disorder.
  •  Regular dinner with your kids will also lower the risk of teenage behavior such as drugs, alcohol or smoking.
  • Family dinners have been found to be a more powerful deterrent against high-risk teen behavior than good grades.

The real power of dinner likes in the interpersonal quality. Dinner won’t confer any positive benefits if you sit stony silent, or yell at your kids. Or sharing a roasted chicken also won’t change the relationship with your kids. It should be the time when you and your child share your positive experience or thought.

Cook Something Together

Cooking is another great idea to make a holiday memorable. Cook your kid’s favorite dish with him and let him enjoy the process. However, it’s good to keep your child away from doing anything in the kitchen, unless some mishap might happen. But it is equally important for them to learn cooking as necessity is the mother of invention.  

Many people in the world cannot cook due to lack of knowledge. Most children have phases during childhood when baking or cooking is a keen interest. This is the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on a great learning experience which is the art of cooking.  In a world where home-cooked meals are equal to a healthier fare, it becomes quite important to teach your kids how to cook. Kids watch and absorb the activities of their surroundings. Name the food and the whir of the blender will stimulate your kid’s learning. While cooking with your kids, they get benefited in many ways. For example, doubling a recipe will require skills of ‘addition’ and kids won’t even realize but they would be practicing math. It also aids their comprehension skills as listening and understanding the step by step direction such as adding ingredients in sequence, and techniques such as folding and blending. Cooking is also a science. As too much salt or baking soda and you are likely to flop on your hands. Cooking provides an opportunity to kids to get their hands on experience with basics of science.

Attend a Sports Event

Sports are the favorite thing of every child. They will love it if you take him to a sports event. It is the parents who are divided. Some parents do not like their kids going to watch a sporting event or some other parents want their kids to do exceptionally well in sports.

  • When you will take your child to the sports event, he will have a higher interest in the sports of the field. It would be great if you let him meet his favorite player.
  • Watching their heroes will help them to do better in their level of sports. In addition, if your child is good at that game then he will pick up some strategies and technique from the game.
  • Many famous sports personalities have revealed that watching their favorite players during their childhood was a powerful motivation for them, it motivated them to work hard and improve their skill.

Following these amazing ways, you can spend a great holiday with your kid and moreover these will help you to create a great bond with your kid. Try to do the above things and you will help your kid prepare himself for better future in many ways.

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