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7 Tips to Avoid Failure in Kids

Kids come into the world with their own survival instincts fully developed, though they aren’t able to care themselves on their own. So when they become old enough to pick up on the idea that failure may be a threat to their endurance they’ll find ways to hide their failure. Here are 7 tips that will help you to avoid failure in kids.

Listen to your kid frequently

Kids are inclined to cover their feelings of anger or sadness which may lead to failure in future. Listening is a difficult thing. And every parent thinks that listening to their child is a daunting task. Add to that the fact when the child needs to be listened to and you have many things in your mind wanting you to jump off your seat. However, research has shown that if you listen to your child then they are more likely to listen to you.

  • They Will Understand You Too: When a child feels listened, he is more likely to listen and having being understood, he will understand your point of view as well. It will help you and your child develop a stronger bond and build their self-esteem. So it is important to avoid rejecting their concerns and rather remain prepared to speak openly with them frequently.
  • Improves Bonding: Talking and listening to your child has much significance. It improves the bond in your relationship and also builds a child’s confidence.  Many parents don’t have this skill to listen to their kids but with a little conscious effort, they can develop it. And with time, you can better it.
  • Respond To Their Thoughts: Keep in mind that when you are trying to have a conversation with a child try to encourage your child to open up to you by talking, be patient when you listen to them when they put their thoughts across them, try to respond in a sensitive always.
  • You Are Their First Teacher: Without being aware, your day to day behavior affects your child in many ways. As a parent, you influence your child’s life in many ways either intentionally or unintentionally both. You are the first teacher of their life, from the manner you speak to the words you choose to use, they will learn all the necessary things only by interacting with you. Children who are never heard by their parents also never listen to their parents. So take some time out from your busy schedule and talk to your child and listen to what they have to say.

Establish routine in your kid’s life

Establishing a routine in your kids can be beneficial in many ways. Here are some ways and benefits to establish a child’s routine.

  • Keep The Routine Simple: An important factor in the failure of kids is complicated routine. They become bored with a tight schedule. So it is necessary to provide them some time to rejoice and start a day with freshness.
  • You Don’t Have To Keep On Nagging: Sometimes you have to boss your child around to this and that, maintaining a routine will help your child to eliminate power struggles and stop you from being the bad guy who keeps on nagging them for brushing their teeth, taking a nap or turning off the TV asking them to come to dinner.
  • Reduces Stress And Anxiety: No one likes to get pushed around again and again so, routines also help kids to cooperate by reducing stress and anxiety for everyone. They will learn to take charge of their own activities. This will increase the sense of their mastery and confidence. They will learn to look forward to things which are an important part to make a happy accommodation with demands of a schedule. For example, if he wants to the playground, but he will know that it is better to go in the afternoon as everyone does, so he can look forward to it then. A regular routine will let your kid fall on a schedule which will help them fall asleep in the night early.

Teach them to delay pleasure

The expectation is the main cause of failure. So it is important to encourage a kid to do things on the priority basis.

  • This will teach valuable lessons about the true benefit of hard work.  Poor impulse can lead an unhealthy lifestyle and financial difficulties. At worst, impulse control can lead to reckless behavior and addiction.
  • Over the time teaching your kids to delay gratification will lead your kid to control over their impulses in every aspect of their life. In some cases, there is a bit freedom that comes from being able to act impulsively.
  • Teaching your child impulsive control is one of the best gifts you can give to them. It will be much easier for them to learn as they have not yet indulged themselves in the habit of practicing poor impulsive control.
  • Delaying pleasure will also impact every area of your child’s life, including their health and well-being. This will lead him to develop self-control and will-power which will let him avoid failure in future.

Praise your kid’s effort

Observe when your kid has done best and celebrate with them for their success. Failure is the pillar of success, so praise your kid even if they fail to success rather than scolding them. Research says that an average kid hears 432 negative statements per day and only 32 positive statements. Praising your child is a vital, part of fostering their confidence and their self-esteem, but the quality praise should be more important than the quantity of praise. Children who are self-motivated tend to stick at things for longer. They like challenges and feel a sense of control over what they are doing. When children can feel that they have the potential of achieving something, it benefits their mental health and wellbeing. As children grow, gaining approval from adults in their life becomes important. Praising and rewarding them for their efforts will often increase children’s motivation. Praise is more effective when is specific. Praise and reward both motivate and de-motivate children, it depends on how they are used. One of the reasons for the difference of confidence level of children is when and how they are praised.

Avoid badgering about your kid

Unlike adults, kids don’t feel that they need to analyze things in great details. If you start to annoy kid with lots of demand, they will start to feel afraid of you. Some parents also lose their temper and use abusive language on their kids. Such behavior will leave a bad taste and create a bad impression on the kids. Make sure you refrain from such abusive languages. One more reason for reason for failure is comparing your child to someone better than him. This has a severe impact on the child’s self-respect and general morale. Do not make an undue comparison with other children. Some parents go on saying stuff like ‘’you are never going to do anything in your life’’ or ‘’I will never get you this’’. So be careful what you say to your kids. This will create anger in their mind and also have a grudge inside them and may lead to failure.

Make home such a place that your kid will love

Kids who live in a home where constant conflict occurs are prone to high risk of a parent it is your duty how to raise your children and the single most important factor in this equation is the environment and learning that takes place at home. The thing that should remain constant in your child’s life is the safest place where they are free from negativity, this place should be your home and the people in it. Do not let your conflicts or illness taken out on a kid. Make home such a place that your kid will love.

Encourage your kid to do new things

There are many ways to encourage your kids to do new things.

  • Kids are generally attracted to their hobbies. Introduce your kid to new things as well as let them do what they love. 
  • You can also help kids to step out by encouraging them to name their worries and also help them to find out what will help out what can you do for them to overcome their fears. And once the kids come up with a plan to overcome their fears they will have many good experiences.
  • Let the kids do as much on their own as they can, if you do it for them then they would be getting second-hand information. They need to hear with their own ears and speak on their own. This will help your kid to excel.

Parenting children so that they can avoid failure is simply drubbing the old cliché and reinstalling it with love which you can gather. So following the above-mentioned tips, one can easily avoid failure in their kids.

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