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Back-to-School in 7 easy ways!

7 easy ways to make your child Back-to-School

Children take a bit time to get accustomed to something new, but once they get acquainted with the situation then it becomes harder to change their daily routine. Thus, after a long vacation, it becomes hard to make your kid up for school again. Some parents find the situation very difficult to handle. Thus, here are some easy ways that will solve the problem with ease.

Re-Establish Your Kid’s School Routine

If you want to make your child up for school after a long vacation then starts the preparation a few weeks before. Re-initiate those routines that your kid used to follow. The back to school routine is not always a smooth adjustment for the kids or the parents, as it is not easy to get used to the new sleep schedule.

Here Are Some Tips

  • Start by talking to your child a week or two in advance about the changes in schedule that will be necessary when the school starts.
  • Help your child to make his bed as he did before the vacation, have her visualize about early morning wake-ups and spending the days in school.
  • During vacation, he or she might have woke up late but if you want to make your child back to school smooth and easy then do some morning activity with him daily. This will incorporate the habit of early rising in your child. As bedtimes tend to be a lot more relaxed during the vacations and getting up early can be a definite shock to the child’s nervous system.
  • A child will become cranky if he doesn’t get enough sleep and may feel sleepy during the first day of the school after the vacation. Try to adjust their sleep schedule by moving their bedtime closer to the school bedtime before the school begins.
  • If they are lazing enough in the morning and have a flexible time to wake up, then school mornings can be a big adjustment. So, change the schedule little by little, a week or so in advance.

Sit and Talk With Your Kid

Being a parent is certainly a very difficult task as you have to deal with the unexpected tantrums of your kids and tend to them. But the good thing to do here is to make sure that you have a quality chat with your child. It is obvious that you must be preoccupied with various problems in your life. But you have to take out your time for them as this is very important.

  • Help your child to understand why he or she should get back to the school after the vacation. Let them know that education is a necessary part of life. Tell them the importance of good grades. Show your child that why learning and doing well in school is important.
  • Discuss the math skills that he learned during the vacation which will help him do the class works. Motivate him and make him realize that all those goals he had of becoming a doctor or an engineer can be fulfilled only if he gets back to school.
  • Keep up with your child’s assignments and grades. Keeping interest on your child’s grade will illustrate the importance of learning. Make him positive about everything.
  • Kids have the tendency to flaunt their newly bought things to their friends. Surprise him or her with a new bag or a pencil box which will make them enthusiastic about going to school.
  • Remind them that while school work is the most important, they will get to see their friends in school. School time will pass before they know and they would wish if they were in school again.
  • Tell them about how much you miss your school and those were the golden days of your life.

This will help you to create a great bond with your child too.

Set the Timer Once Again

During vacation, you may have let your child do according to his own time, which will make your child off their normal sleep schedule, but now he has to follow the routine of school. Shift your child’s bedtime back to the appropriate time for schooling nights. If you do it gradually then try to shift the time 30 mins earlier over many days as needed. Most elementary school kids need to make their bed by 7:30 or 8 in order to get the appropriate sleep they need.

Setting A Strict Time Might Help Your Kid Understand The Importance Of It

  • If your child shows up resistance to go to bed earlier then wake him in the morning at the new school day wake up time.
  • However, if you prefer to go by the cold turkey then it would be better to start the process in the morning by waking up your child at his new school day wake up time.
  • Put him on the bed at the appropriate time so that he could get the right amount of sleep after a calm bedtime routine.
  • Make him involve in physical activities a week before the school starts, this will make him sleep early as he gets tired.
  • However, put this method aside when the homework piles up. Thus set the alarm clock once again to get him accustomed to the situation.

Nurture Independence

Tell your child that if he gets back to school then he can perform many things all on his own. No one will be there to scold him and moreover, teachers will appreciate his performance too. Reward them for attending school regularly. This will initially act as a motivation and ultimately help them in attending school regularly.

Drive them off once in a while as many children wary of traveling in school buses or other modes of vehicles, so make sure you drive them off once in a week in order to keep the motivation going. Thus encourage him and boost his self-esteem.

Attend Information Sessions with Your Kid

This meeting and greetings are very important prior to the beginning of the session. Working with the child’s teacher can have a powerful impact on you, the teacher and the child. This will help you learn more about your child’s performance in school.

With open lines of communication, you and the teacher can help your child in many ways. For example, if your child is frustrated by an assignment which he has to submit after the school reopens, by talking with the teacher you can find ways to respond to his frustration.

Interact With The Teachers

Teachers will provide necessary information about your child to boost his excellence. Pat him for his performance to boost his self-esteem.

Working with the teacher will also help the latter too as by understanding your child’s attention and learning issue can help the teacher develop a more personalized approach to your child’s learning.

 Keep in mind that the more the teacher knows about your child, the better they can engage him in learning.

Make Some Delicious Tiffin for Your Kid

Children usually get tired in school. As a parent it is your duty to provide a healthy lunch to your child, a healthy school lunch provides healthy habits and the energy your child needs for the rest of the busy day.

Children who eat healthy lunch have a higher intake of nutrition not only for lunch but for the entire day. It will help them concentrate on their class better. Tiffin is one of the best things in school life. Cook something delicious to encourage him to go to school.

Arrange Some after School Party

Plan some after-school party to lure him to go to school. For instance, tell your kid, if he goes to school then you will take him to some movie or restaurant. You can also allow him to play for extra 30-min after school.

After-School Activities Are Fun As Well

There are many after-school activities for children and engaging them in sports in one of them. You may never know what sports quality your child possesses.

After school programs and activities help the kids to be themselves as kids spend their whole day primarily sitting and follow the school schedule whole day so when they get home, it is important for them to be creative. You can also plan for parties with your kids after their school on Friday. This will certainly help you.

Following these tips, one can certainly make his or her child back to school easily. Make sure you keep your child motivated from time to time and boost his self-esteem.

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