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Bullying in the Digital Space: How to Protect Kids

The ever increasing internet of things is inflaming cyberbullying, which was once a mist in the blooms of the textual appendix. In present times, kids are frequently online than their parents. Adults spend less time, but kids act like they cannot live without online spaces. Over 92% of kids are online on social networks and other digital spaces daily. Along with that, 30% of those kids never log out of their accounts.

These figures might not have any impact unless a real-world incident in mixed with them. Kids never mind sharing their personal information on social networks and other digital arenas. However, if they had any idea what consequence it can have they might have avoided sharing their details. A cyber inspector states that there is a 110% risk of cyberbullying in the online world. Further, kids, especially teens aging between 12 and 15 are the main targets. Additionally, research from 2017 on cyberbullying tells that over a million cyberbullying cases on Facebook alone. Along with that, some parents reported that 87% of digital ventures are full of bullying threats. Not to mention, cyberbullying leaves a bad impact on kids. The impacts range between the use of drugs, psychic episodes, and the worst, suicide.

Usually, parents come up with the idea to make their kids stop using social networks. Though it may have a positive impression on a very small limit, the negativity it can create may disturb the relation between kids and parents. It is right that we did not have social networks and digital dreams in our childhood. But now, they are part of the livelihood. Indeed, keeping the kids away from the digital world is not a plausible solution in the present age. However, using a digital tool like OgyMogy can help to protect kids.

Parenting experts explain it in three steps that how can you stop cyberbullying:

  1. Prepare for preventing cyberbullying
  2. Identify and stop bullying
  3. Try to help every child

Prepare for Preventing Cyberbullying:

It would have been easier for the parents to keep their kids away from cyberbullying if they had put certain restrictions on electronics use. Well, that can be done before kids begin to use digital devices. However, kids we are talking about are not those who have just started to use smartphones or tablets. Instead, these are the kids who use savvy devices more than their parents do. Certainly, the time for putting limits on the use of electronics for these kids is gone. If parents will try asking them to reduce their use, they may simply go rebel.

Indeed, for these kids, OgyMogy has a solution lets the parents prepare for preventing cyberbullying. This is a parental control app that enables the parents to see all the activities of their kids. Additionally, it helps them modify the functionality of the digital devices of their kids. Further, the outcome is that the bullies are unable to find your kid.

Identify and Stop Bullying:

Parents who have not been able to change their kids’ thoughts towards digital trends often see their kids withdrawn, frustrated, and depressed. These are the impacts of cyberbullying. Indeed, such kids may even not tell their parents that someone has been bullying them.

In that particular case, OgyMogy or any other similar app will only help you find the bully. But that is the time when your kid needs you. Well, block the contact on your kids’ phones that appear to be bullies. Along with that begin normalizing your kid. Try to be calm and show compassion in your behavior. Let them feel the love you have for them. Certainly, it will bring you the results.

Try to Help Every Child:

You might not be the only one whose kid has been the victim of cyberbullying. Instead, so many parents suffer from this obnoxious dilemma. Try to help every child, reach out to their parents, and tell them how they can protect their kids. Certainly, the voice of your actions can help millions of kids around the world.

Ahead of that, if your kid is a bully, try to make him understand how bad this action is. Do not scold them, rather tackle their thoughts gently. Further, you will find plenty of media on how to stop your kid from being a bully. Take help from that content, as well as monitor their activities with OgyMogy. Indeed, your one simple action can protect a lot of lives.

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