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Simple Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher This Year

Parenting is more than just running after your children, meeting all of their needs, and raising them to be responsible individuals. It also entails teaching children gratitude, kindness, and respect. Teachers are like second parents and play a significant role in your child’s life. They not only impart knowledge but provide support and guidance when needed.

According to, 35.5 million children were enrolled in elementary school in 2019. Think of all the teachers that have helped shape every child’s future in different stages of life!

A Beautiful Bunch of Flowers

A bouquet is one of the simplest yet timeless gestures that you can make. 88% of poll respondents said receiving flowers lifts their mood. If you know the teacher’s favorite flowers, have the florist make a bouquet of those. If you don’t, go for flowers that are currently in season. Together with a card made by your little one with a few words of your own expressing heartfelt thanks, the bouquet will add vibrancy and fragrance to any room.

Coffee Maker

Coffee mugs, especially ones with the teacher’s name engraved on them, are overrated, so why not go a step further and get a mini coffee maker instead? This is something they’d appreciate, especially when they’re marking papers late into the night. They can just reach out and make coffee there and then. Together with a pack of their favorite type of ground coffee, this gift will be a total hit. Just be sure the teacher is a coffee drinker!

Desk Organizer

Teachers do end up getting stationery such as personalized notebooks, pens, paperclips, and Sharpies. What better way to help keep these items neatly than in a desk organizer? A quick look online shows many different types of desk organizers, from simple to fancy, that’ll also have a place to hold a phone and glasses. Go for one that’ll reflect the teacher’s personality and taste and help them stay organized.

Lunch Box

Get a lunch box, but not just any lunch box. An electric lunch box to quickly heat some food is another thoughtful gift. Lunch hours go by quickly, so instead of waiting in the queue to heat food in the microwave, save your kid’s teacher some time and get an electric lunchbox. In the United States, 34,576 private schools educate 5.7 million PK-12 students. Handling children and their needs is challenging. By saving time and eating a hot meal, this is how you’ll help your kid’s teacher in a small way.

Storage Boxes

A strange thing to gift, but not so strange. You won’t be the only parent to give out gifts. Teachers get a lot of cards and items. Some cards and notes are precious, and some gifts will have sentimental value attached to them. They’ll need a place to be put away safely, so what better than fancy storage boxes? You can get a set of different sizes and colors and also get them personalized. This is a simple yet practical gift that you can’t go wrong with.

Private schools make up 25% of all schools in the country and enroll 10% of all PK-12 pupils. After a tough year of handling all kinds of little personalities, a teacher will appreciate the simplest of gifts. Parenting is also about ensuring your little ones know how to say a simple and sincere thank you to their teachers. By getting to know the teacher’s interests and preferences throughout the year, choose a gift that truly demonstrates your gratitude to them.

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