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How To Raise Your Kid’s Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the most important ingredient for a happy and successful life. A person may be blessed with a lot of talent and intelligence. Though, if there is a lack of self-esteem in him or her, then it can be a major obstacle in achieving any goal in every corner of life. As an ideal parent, you must focus on your kid to raise self-esteem. There are many ways in which you can raise his self-esteem like giving him choices to make an opinion which will make them feel empowered or not drawing comparison between your kids. Below here are few important points of how to raise your kids.

Check Your Own Self-Esteem

Parents are a mirror to the kids. So if there is a lack of self-esteem then there will be difficulty in bringing up a child with a good-esteem. In order to raise self-esteem in your kids, you have to raise self-esteem in you and remain in the positive light. Nothing is important than how you think and feel about yourself. Having a high opinion of yourself and who we are and what can we do and basically a love for yourself is what people often miss or have too little of in today’s society.

To raise your self-esteem

  • First of all, you must stop to listen to your inner critic which always drags you down and whispers destructive thoughts in your mind. To make this inner critic less useful, motivate yourself to take actions and raise your self-esteem by having healthy motivation habits.
  •  Remind yourself of the benefits of healthy habits and refocus on doing what you really like to do, this will give you inner happiness. And most importantly do not forget to praise yourself, take some break and appreciate yourself for the things you have done, this will make a huge difference.
  • As mention earlier parents are a mirror to kids, so always try to do the right things and never criticise yourself for and handle mistakes in a positive. If your self-esteem is raised then it won’t be difficult to raise your kids with a good-esteem.

Let Your Kid Take Some Healthy Risk

Try to build up confidence in your kids and allow them to take healthy risks and take little responsibility on their own.

If you let your kids take healthy risks then the following things might take place.

  • It will help them to grow confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes many kids go into temptation by believing that nothing bad can ever happen to them, which allows them more likely to take risks.
  • Guiding your kids towards taking such risks will help them in making their minds clear of taking negative risks and help strengthen their brain at the same time.
  • Many parents are terrified with the thought of risk-taking their child because they think that risk-taking means taking drugs, binge drinking or other negative risk but what they forget is there are other risks too which are health risks. These risks will not put your kid in danger and but require him to risk something such as failure or criticism.
  • While in the process of taking healthy risks your child will gain courage, confidence, and the ability to plan and resist impulses which is an important skill which a kid will need in his life. For example, many parents think that if they teach their kid to ride a bike then chances are more that he will end up with a skinned knee, but taking that risk will be worthy, your kid will gain confidence and self-esteem while learning to ride.
  • Remember while your kid is doing things on their own don’t leave them alone, rather accompany them and guide them to do the work properly.

Encourage Your Kids To Pursue Their Interest

Another good way to encourage your kid’s self-esteem is to encourage them to pursue their interests. Just like you, your kids have hopes and dreams being someone special someday.

  • Whether it is a musician, an artist, doctor or even a race car driver, kids have a vivid imagination and might think that these are unattainable goals.
  • If you see your child gravitating towards a certain pastime, whether it is piano, dance or painting. Let them do what interests them and make sure they complete the task.
  • However, there are ways in which you can gently push your kids towards their dream towards their dream without being overbearing.
  • Help your kids to understand that the pictures they see in the magazine are one thing and aspiring to be one is not an easy task, those successful people in the magazine went through a lot to be there.
  • Make them realise that they don’t have to be a pro overnight and help them understand that each step on their path to success is significant. Support your children in every step of their life so that they will have the feeling that they are not alone to face it.
  • For example, dropping your kid to cricket academy and riding him back to home again make him feel that you support him. Each child has different interests, learn to know them at an early stage of their life.

Praise Your Kid

One of the best ways to boost up the self-esteem of the child is to make sure that you praise their deeds and achievement. You have no idea what praise can do to a kid’s self-confidence. But also, you need to make sure of one thing. Overpraising is something that you don’t want to do. A right amount of praise always works. This is something that most of the parents struggle with, in their lives. They don’t know how to praise their kids in the right way. But there is nothing to be confused here. There is no secret formula to praising your kid. All you have to do it think about it and let the rest happen.

  • By giving a large amount of praise to their kids, the parents believe that they are boosting up the self-confidence of their child but then it always matters how much you praise them.
  • Too much praise can cause your child to shy away from certain challenging activities in life by thinking that they would lose the love of their parents. But then, many kids, due to the lack of proper praise from their parents tend to think that they are not good enough to do anything.
  • The trick here is to praise your kid in the exact amount to make sure that they always succeed in life and become a great personality.

Let Your Kid Make Their Own Decision

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s life. From the birth of your kid, you are responsible for all their needs. You are in charge of making decisions for them while they are in their developing stage. As soon as your child is old enough you must let them make their decisions but be there for their guidance.

  • Helps Kid To Prepare For Future: Letting your children decide for themselves would serve as practice. You must realise that you won’t there always with your child that is why it is your duty to train them while they are young. You cannot pass all your knowledge that you have gained through your experiences but at least you can give your kids liberty to make their decisions while you are still there to guide them. It will help your kid prepare for the tough life ahead.
  • From Dependent To Independent: Another reason for letting your children make their own decision is, as this would bridge the gap between being dependent to becoming independent. If you keep on deciding about your kid time and again then they will never acquire any sense of self. They will always rely on somebody to make their decisions which will not be good once they are old enough.

Don’t Compare Your Kids With Others

Kids are tender being and they do not take very well to negative criticism and ‘comparison’ is counter-productive for anyone, more for children. And if the criticism involves telling them about how others are better than them then it is more painful. This doesn’t mean we should not point out their mistake, but anything beyond this will put a bad impact on the kid.

If you constantly keep on telling your children that they are not good at anything then your kid will grow a self-doubt which will lower his self-esteem. Being a parent try to encourage them. If you keep on comparing him with other kids then he will suffer from extreme pangs of jealousy.

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and there is no such thing as ‘’ideal parent’’. But you are the first teacher of your kid so guide him through the right path and make him grow up with a good self-esteem.

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