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Parenting Tips – Reverse Psychology

The children of today’s generation are pretty be honest, they are a lot smarter than us when we were their age. And while this trait is to be encouraged in a child, there are some times that this smartness poses to be a threat for the parents. Yes, the parents of the generation today, keep on wondering just one thing that how did their children get to be so smart.

The New Generation Is Smarter Than You Think

With the children being ahead of their time today, the parenting techniques and rules that were applicable to the children of the past generation don’t really have the desired effect on this one. The parenting techniques do not really work with most of the kids. Teaching the kids about discipline and decorum is one mammoth task for parents these days due to the issues.

The Parenting Techniques Of Today

However, as a relief to the parents, there are some new parenting techniques that have found their way to the 21st century that help to discipline the kids. There is no such thing as a fool-proof solution but there are some tactics to make the smart and the intelligent kids listen to you. These methods will be helpful in making your kid more discipline and make them listen to you more. You don’t even have to be too harsh with the help of these methods.

Reverse Psychology Can Help

There is no doubt about the fact that children are a handful nowadays to deal with and especially if the kid is an independent-minded one then god help. These days, teen rebellions are on the increase with children starting to speak their own mind and that usually happens when the child enters the stage of adolescence. And that is the time when it is most difficult to make them behave. And not just that. The traits of rebellion are also seen in the kids of the younger age as well. For this issue, there is a solution that can help to make the kid more disciplined without even being too hard on them.

And it is reverse psychology.

Reverse psychology is a process that can be used on a kid or any person to get positive outcome by saying the opposite of what is desired. Reverse psychology may be an effective process of child-rearing. Though, if the reverse psychology is not properly applied then it can cause more harm than good. Here are few tips to do reverse psychology on kids properly. 

Avoid Using Reverse Psychology at First Place

There are many ways to do good parenting and properly build up a child. Reverse psychology is one of those such ways that a parent can use to care for their child. But it is not necessary to apply at first place, because misapplication may lead to abnormality in behavior. Reverse psychology is certainly not something that is considered to be bad for the kid. However, if you keep on using this technique at a regular pace then eventually it might lead your child to believe that you are manipulating him. When properly used, reverse phycology is an excellent thing. And it helps to bring your child the much-needed motivation and discipline. But use it too much and the results won’t be good. You will end up hurting the emotions of your child when they discover that you have been manipulating them. We must certainly avoid using reverse physiology all the time.

Use It When Necessary

Reverse psychology is not something that you constantly use. You use it when your kid isn’t listening to you or when the situation goes out of hand. This is a good thing. But try to solve the matter without using reverse psychology. There are other proven methods to make the child realize what they are doing without being strict or harsh with them. And reverse psychology is just a small part of it. So using it all the time doesn’t really make sense. You need to use it when there is no other choice left.

Explain The Matters To Them

Now instead of using reverse psychology, there are certainly other methods that can be used to discipline the child sometimes, making them understand the importance of the situation by explaining works a lot.

  • No Need Of Reverse Psychology: Children nowadays are really smart, and that means they will understand if you try to explain something to them. This will be a beneficiary action as you don’t have to manipulate your child by using reverse psychology.
  • Motivates Him: And if your child understands the whole situation that has been explained, then congratulate him on being so understanding. This will be a future motivation to him for sure.
  • Use Reverse Psychology Carefully: Reverse psychology, though pretty helpful at times, doesn’t do really do all good. And using it, again and again, can certainly make your child more prone to manipulation. You certainly don’t want that right? So, it is suggested to apply reverse psychological treatment to a kid when there is no method left to teach him properly. And when you do use reverse psychology, make sure that they don’t find out about it.

Offer Your Child choices

  • Make your child feel free to be independent.
  • Let him take his own decision which will help to flourish his ability to handle things on his own.
  • Even if he fails to accomplish the task rather than scolding him support his action. A little encouragement goes a long way when it comes to handling the children.
  • You need to make sure that your kid is independent and is able to make smart decisions and that is possible if you give them the independence to do so.
  • By giving them a fair chance to prove their worth in every single step of their lives, you encourage your child to become more and more independent. And that sometimes helps to your cause as well. Do not demotivate them, instead, encourage them to do well.

Follow a Reward System

Parents can use a good reward system to create an urge in kids to do work properly and finish it within time. Acknowledge the action of your kid and praise him accordingly which will help him to do new things. While your kid is trying new things, it is important to keep an eye on them so that no danger can happen. Rewarding them for doing something good can help motivate their actions towards the good things and the things that matter. It doesn’t always have to be something material. Sometimes a compliment and a high-five does the trick as well. You need to boost the morale of your kid no matter what happens. Encourage them to follow a path of good by rewarding them when they do so.

Show a Positive Mindset to Your Children

Parent is the mirror to a kid. Kids say what they see and feel. To train your child properly, you must have a positive attitude so that your child can create a good self-esteem. A positive attitude can do a lot when it comes to raising a child. How you are with people and how your behavior is with them decides how your child is going to behave around people. And children are fast learners, don’t doubt that. They pick up every single thing from the parents. And it is really important to maintain a positive outlook and a positive attitude to show your child how to live life. Only with the help of this technique, you will be able to change the mind of your child.

Don’t Compare Your Child

Most parents make the silly mistake of comparing their children to the children of others. That is something that should be avoided for sure. You need to make sure that your kid is properly motivated and not de-moralized and comparing your child to someone else’s sure will do the opposite of motivating them. If a parent starts to badger to their kid, then it leads to germination of fear in the mind of the kid. Kids then start to hide their feelings which may lead to a peculiarity in behavior. When a kid is being compared to other kid then a mindset of inferiority starts to grow among kids, because they start to feel that they are unable to satisfy their parent’s need. So do not compare and badger kids rather let them do what interests them.

So, following these tips one can properly do reverse psychology on their child for better parenting.

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