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Surrogacy in Mexico: It Is Accessible, Legal, and Safe

Why is childbirth in Mexico so popular? The growing trend is obvious — we are talking not only about the best medical care. Perfect level of medicine, freedom to travel, a good education, successful employment, profitable investments, affordable real estate in Mexico, minimal tax liability are just some of the benefits of having a baby in Mexico. In addition, the World Center of Baby surrogacy in Mexico turns your dreams into life.

Surrogacy is an assisted reproductive technology when a healthy woman of childbearing age voluntarily agrees to bear and give birth to a baby biologically alien to her. The terms of cooperation are specified in the official contract, which a lawyer draws up. The surrogacy cost in Mexico starts from €63,000. This price is quite affordable.

What are the types of surrogate motherhood? There are two types of technology — traditional and gestational surrogate motherhood. In the first case, the seminal fluid of the genetic father/donor and the surrogate mother’s egg is used to obtain an embryo. The second technique involves fertilizing the genetic mother’s egg with the sperm of her husband, the genetic father.

Donor male and female germ cells are also used. Using gestational technology, the surrogate mother doesn’t have a biological connection with the child she is carrying.

Surrogacy Mexico: What Agency to Choose

Thanks to surrogacy in Mexico, thousands of childless gay/lesbian couples and single people can realize their dream of becoming parents of a baby genetically related to them. However, the efficiency, availability, and safety of using these methods largely depend on the quality of related services. Today, the highest demands are made on these services since implementing reproductive programs includes medical and legal, organizational, psychological, and other aspects. Therefore, only specialists with extensive experience and knowledge can professionally deal with them.

The main objectives of the World Center of Baby agency are not only the organization and implementation of the medical part of reproductive programs but also the legal protection of the rights and interests of all the participants. Therefore, its help will be helpful to many: medical institutions, biological parents, surrogate mothers, and other participants in these legal relations.

World Center of Baby unites families. It supports you on the way to the miracle — the birth of your baby. What you will get working with it:

  • It has rich experience in the field of reproductive technologies. It cooperates with the best clinics that have the most modern equipment;
  • The company will prepare all documents for you and your child;
  • Personal language manager;
  • Candidates for the role of surrogate mothers go through a rigorous selection process to comply with the agency’s law.
  • It provides support for all stages of the program;
  • Features of the legislation provide ideal legal conditions for parental protection;
  • The clinic studies medical documents in advance and guarantees the confidentiality of the information received.

The health of your unborn baby is its highest priority. Therefore, the surrogacy agency in Mexico carefully monitors the selection of candidates for surrogate mothers, pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care for an affordable cost.

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