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How Chemical Exposure at Construction Sites Can Affect Your Life

Construction work is a highly dangerous field where workers are exposed to several dangers. These dangers also include harmful chemicals. There are several chemicals that can cause life-threatening injuries or diseases.

Different products like acids, cleaning agents, gasoline fumes, glues, solvents, and insulation materials are used on construction sites. These chemicals can cause severe harm to the health of a construction worker.

Can One File a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Disease Caused by Chemical Exposure?

The simple answer to this question is – yes. A construction worker can easily file a workers’ compensation claim for any health conditions caused by chemical exposure. If any health issues occur due to chemical exposure, one can sue the

  • Manufacturer of chemicals
  • Manufacturers of the machines that had toxic chemicals
  • Manufacturers of the equipment that was meant to offer protection against the chemicals

Toxic Chemicals at Construction Sites

While working on a construction site, a worker might come into contact with some harmful chemicals that can severely affect their health. Here’s a list of such toxic chemicals:

  1. Cadmium: This chemical is used in different steel products on construction sites to prevent rusting
  2. Formaldehyde: It is used in different wooden products on construction sites
  3. Manganese: It is used in welding rods and leads to the formation of toxic fumes
  4. Silica: It is present in tiles, stones, and sand
  5. Mercury: It is present in different rust-resistant coatings and paints
  6. Arsenic: This preservative is used in different wood products at a construction site
  7. Beryllium: This chemical is used with copper and other metals as an alloy element
  8. Hydrocarbons: They are present in elements used in degreasing and cleaning

Types of Health Conditions from Chemical Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause several types of health conditions. They include:

  1. Skin disease: Different infections or burns can occur in the skin if it comes in contact with a toxic chemical.
  2. Respiratory conditions: One can have breathing issues if they inhale toxic fumes.
  3. Reproductive problems: Exposure to chemicals like lead and solvents can cause reproductive problems like infertility and miscarriage.
  4. Cancer: Construction site chemicals containing carcinogenic substances pose a threat of cancer.

How to Prevent Getting Exposed to Toxic Chemicals?

To avoid ending up with any kind of health damage due to toxic chemicals, the first important thing is to create awareness about the presence of toxic chemicals on the site. Proper safety gear, like a full-body covering dress or eyeglasses and gloves, should be given to workers to keep them safe from the effects and emissions of these chemicals.

Workers must be properly trained when it comes to dealing with chemicals. The right knowledge on how to use the chemical and its effects will go a long way in avoiding chemical accidents at construction sites.


Chemical exposure is a serious threat to construction workers. One should use the best precautions to stay away from it.

In the unfortunate event that a worker has been exposed to hazardous chemicals, it is essential to seek legal help. With the assistance of an experienced construction accident lawyer, victims can get fair compensation for the losses they have experienced.

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