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5 Diamond Shapes to Consider for Your Ring

Around 2.3 million couples get married in the US every year.

Before you purchase jewelry, you should always know what you want. This is especially true of things like engagement rings, as they will stay with you forever. You can have a diamond cut in a range of different ways, so you may want to consider several options to find the right style.

Keep reading for 5 diamond shapes to consider for your engagement ring.

1. Round-Cut

Of all the diamond styles available, this is one of the most common. Many traditional engagement rings use this cut as it produces a brilliant shine and light performance. It’s worth noting that while this is the most popular diamond cut, it’s also the most expensive.

Unlike other diamond shapes, round diamonds are graded based on how precisely proportioned they are. This gives you more choices so you can choose one based on your budget.

2. Oval-Cut

Oval-cut rings have become very popular recently. The shape gives them a greater spread, which makes them look large, even with a smaller carat weight. This type is also great for color dispersing, so even if you have a lower color grade there won’t be any visible warmth.

3. Pear-Cut

If you want your diamond jewelry to stand out, this can be a great choice. Pear-cut diamonds have a single point and a rounded end, resulting in a more striking appearance than more traditional cuts. Like an oval-cut diamond, the elongated shape helps provide a greater spread, giving the diamond a larger appearance.

4. Emerald-Cut

Not everyone wants a ring that puts on a big show. For a more minimalistic feel, the emerald cut is ideal. It uses rectangular facets providing a flattering shape that elongates the finger.

These have long, linear facets resembling steps, which make it easier to see the inclusions. As such, it’s ideal to have a diamond with VS2 clarity or higher.

5. Marquise-Cut

This is one of the most unique options available, giving a shape that’s not often seen. It’s similar to an oval with curved sides, but the ends are pointed. The long, narrow shape can make the diamond look larger, and it also helps elongate the fingers.

Marquise-cut diamonds are known to produce a significant sparkle. They do, however, have a slight risk of breaking or chipping if not set right due to the pointed edges. They might also show a “bowtie” appearance if not well cut.

This type of diamond can be one of the most impressive. You just need to ensure you go with a reputable jeweler so that you can be certain it’s high quality.

Choosing Between Different Diamond Shapes

Any time you buy jewelry, you ultimately need to decide based on your own preference. Think about which diamond shapes you like best, and would be happy with for the rest of your life. While some choices may be more popular than others, you and your partner are the ones to whom it will really matter.

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