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6 Trending Cakes That You Can Order On Upcoming Celebration

Cakes are the first choice of people whenever they have to celebrate an occasion. Cake-cutting ceremonies are becoming more popular day by day. People celebrate many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, farewells, wedding ceremonies, or a milestone; in all such special occasions, the cake is a very important element to sweeten the mouth of guests.

As time is evolving day by day, every year, bakers discover new flavors and designs of cake that add more excitement to the celebration. Some cake lovers have well-tested the trending cakes, while some of them do not know more about the new and lip-smacking flavors of cakes. They keep on ordering regular cakes for their special moments, but it does not add value to the celebration because they are bored of eating the same flavor of the cake.

If you are one of those who are unaware of the trending and exciting flavors of cake, then don’t worry. In this writing piece, we have mentioned the trending cakes from different flavors to try something unique by ordering online for your upcoming celebration. So, let’s reveal the delicious and trending cake designs one by one.

6 Exciting Cakes To Order For A Special Occasion

1] Bomb cake

Bomb Cake is also known as a surprise cake and one of the most trending cakes that people love. It is a perfect sweetener for giving a surprise to someone by keeping some secret item inside.

Bomb cake is baked in a bomb-shaped container, and before cutting the cake, you will have to light the bomb. After the small explosion, you will get a luscious creamy cake. This is the best surprise that you can give your loved ones on their special moments because they don’t know what is inside the bomb shaped container until they litter the bomb.

2] Bento Cake

Bento cake is one of the most loved cakes by people, and its origins are in Korea. The cake is made of rice, flour, beans, fruits, etc. The center part of this cake is filled with a sweet filling such as honey or different jams, and then it is wrapped in a layer of seaweed. Before serving the cake, it is also topped with some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bento cake is available in a myriad of flavors like creamy caramel, vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, etc.

3] Pinata Cake

Pinata is yet another latest cake that has gained popularity in recent times. The look of the cake is very amazing, and also it makes the cake-cutting ceremony more exciting as you have to use the hammer to break the outer shell of this piñata cake.

Once the outer shell of this cake is broken with the help of a hammer, then you have to use the knife to cut it further into pieces. You can also eat the outer cover of this piñata cake as it is made from edible materials, and it is going to affect your health.

4] Rice Paper Cake

Rice Paper cake is one of the most attention-grabbing cakes and can make anyone drooling. The base of the cake is the same as a normal cake, but bakers use rice paper to decorate it the unique ways. Rice paper is used to make small miniatures and flowers that are used for decking up the cake. Rice paper is 100% edible, and you can enjoy it without thinking of your health.

This cake is available in many flavors, such as chocolate, pineapple, chocolate, etc. This cake is best for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

5] Pull Me Up Cake    

Pull me Up cake is explored due to the new baking trend followed by the bakers. Pull-me-up cakes are surrounded with transparent plastic, and as you pull the plastic sheet slowly, then chocolate syrup will start spreading all over the cake. This is also known as Tsunami cake. The explosion of chocolate is the center point of attraction for this cake. There are wide varieties of pull-me-up cakes, such as pull-me-up doll cakes, pull-me-up gems cakes, pull-me-up dark chocolate cakes, pull-me-up Barbie cakes, and many more.  You can order Pull Me up cakes exotic flavors by choosing  Bakingo’s online cake delivery.

6] Fruit Overload Cake

Fruit Overload cake is the trending cake, and if you order this cake, then you can enjoy two different varieties of cake in a single cake. The Fruit Overload Cake is fully loaded with cream of different types and exotic fruits and jams. The cake is stuffed with blueberries, strawberries, and cherries and with jams of different fruits. Chocolates and butterscotch chips are also stuck in the cake, which makes the cake more delicious.

To Sum Up

Cakes are a sign of celebration, and it is a bunch of happiness that brings an instant smile to anyone’s face. People are bored of old flavors of cake, so they try to find new flavors while placing a new cake order. That’s why we have mentioned the most trending yet surprising cakes. Try out the exciting and mouth-watering flavors of these trending cakes that will fill the receiver’s heart with sweetness.

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