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Horse Sculptures: special creations in solid glass

There exist many islands in the Venetian lagoon, and each one of them has a world of its own. Every island is like a small society whose life is different both from the mainland and Venice itself. Surrounded by the water, islands had the possibility to develop and construct a singular way of “city”. If you take a tour around the Venetian lagoon, you will see that they all differ from one another, even though keeping the sumptuous Venetian style.

For example, Burano is known for lacework and the little colorful houses. If you come here, you may have the chance to see old ladies busy working on their lace, while chatting outside their cheerful houses.

Another renowned island is Murano, where famous glass sculptures are thought, created, and sold. Since the XIII century, Murano has brought the tradition of glassmaking to the entire world. For generations, the peculiar techniques of glass manipulation have been passed on from father to son, until today.

The first glass traces were mainly found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria, dating up to 3000 B.C. However, the glass was only blue or green in that period. Transparent glass appeared only on 100 A.D. According to a famous legend, glass was found by a group of merchants of sodium while heating their food in a small pot. This is obviously a legend as the temperature needed to melt glass is around 1300°C and it could not be reached naturally. Centuries later, Romans largely used glass for creating bottles and vials.

The glass-making activity started to develop in Venice, particularly in Murano, around the XIII century. During this period, the Serenissima Republic had a monopoly on sea trade, and it had frequent relations with the East. In the beginning, glass masters only produced glass mirrors. Only in the XV century, they started to create crystal objects, whose manipulation was much more delicate.

At YourMurano you can find many glass pieces created by the skilled hands of Murano’s artisans. They combine creativity and fantasy with antique techniques to create irreplaceable pieces of art.

Vetreria Zanetti is one of the main 20 furnaces on the island, on which YourMurano relies for its products. Today it is run by Oscar Zanetti, heir of the Zanetti family for the traditional art of glassmaking. Even though initially reluctant to continue the family business, Oscar started to be fond of it when working for a glasshouse specializing in chandeliers. After learning the first steps in the glass-making activity, he achieved very soon the expertise to become a true Glass Master.

Vetreria Zanetti today is distinguished for solid glass, where the glass manipulated weights ten times more than normal.

This type of glass is used to create massive sculptures or important interior design pieces. In particular, you can find unique Horse Sculptures produced in this furnace.

If you are looking for a realistic glass sculpture to embellish your living room or to give as a special gift, you will be thrilled by the vast choice offered!

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