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How To Choose The Right Pair Of Adidas Originals Shoes For You: Explained

If you choose the right type of Adidas shoes, they will take you places. Founded in 1949, the Adidas Group today is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sports clothing and shoes. Adidas Originals is a subdivision of the actual brand heritage of Adidas. It is dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and legacy products.

NMD R1, Superstar, Samba, Stansmith, ZX, Swift, Gazelle and more are part of the Adidas originals shoesrange. The three stripes pride represents these shoes as a timeless classic. You can choose one of various fabrics, colours and graphic designs. There is a range of exciting new details and a modern finish. It is quite an overwhelming task to end up with the right one. So as an added guide with Adidas shoes, this write-up will help you at its fullest.

Why Should You Choose A Pair Of Adidas Originals Shoes

Adidas originals shoes are known for their quality, durability and stylish outlook. Continue with the reading task to discover the other features these shoes stand for.  

Top Notch Quality

Adidas originals shoes are an all-rounder when it comes to fulfilling the dynamic needs of individual athletes. The brand has a dedicated research team that works hard to develop new technologies and unique products in various colours and styles.

Innovative Design And Built Technology

Cutting-edge built technology, and advanced design makes Adidas originals shoes stand out from the other market varieties. The manufacturers stand to make a committed choice, offering high-end products favourite for fans and athletes alike.

A Variety Of Products To Select From

The Adidas originals shoes range has different choices for you to settle. From simple daily wear to indulging in full-time sports (cricket, running, baseball, basketball), a lot is in store. The show types get an ergonomic design, helping athletes with their strength, speed and endurance on the track, court and field.

Worldwide Availability

You can find Adidas originals shoesacross multiple countries around the globe. Available in variable prices and multifarious fit types. This calls for an affordable buy option for everyone.

Environmentally Responsible Product Type

Adidas, as a brand, is socially and environmentally committed. It is among the first in the sports goods industry to adapt to an environmentally friendly manufacturing system. Moving on, it is a part of the better cotton initiative, promoting the production of sustainable cotton.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Adidas Originals Shoes

There is the right pair of Adidas shoes for different activities. Also, some of the variants, like Gazelle and Stan Smith, have the option of free personalisation. You can add a specific colour, a name, or a number, to make the shoe stand out. Coming to the choice of shoes, with Adidas, you get to enjoy features like rubber cup soles, leather linings and uppers, boost cushioning and lace closures. Select one from the range based on your immediate needs.


For comfortable wear, your shoe needs to fit you correctly. Make sure there is enough space for the toe to relax. Based on your foot’s shape, you can make an appropriate choice. Stand on a piece of paper, and create an outline of your feet. Now, find out whether it is curved or straight. 


When selecting a particular shoe type, determine its purpose of use. Because improper shoes can cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, and lower back. Also, if you are into regular sports and your shoes are too tight or loose, there will be problems with the movement part.

Comfort Level

Always select fit over style. If you are uncomfortable wearing a specific style, do not hesitate to check out other options. Also, keep in mind the build material of a shoe, the insole and outsole type, besides the lining involved.


You will find a variety of styles in the entire range of Adidas originals shoes.You can pick from Adilette Slides, Response CL shoes, Gazelle, Stan Smith and more. Remember to prioritise your comfort level and features like laces, anti-skid soles and comfortable inner lining. 

Some Of The Iconic Adidas Originals Shoes

Shoes from Adidas are known for their exciting features and splendid designs. You can rely on those for a casual day out, night out and training. Based on the sales and continued public demand over the years. Here is a list of some of the iconic shoe types from Adidas. 


Adidas superstars are durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and in every colour. Whether planning a casual day out with friends or a meeting outdoors with your team from the office, Superstars saves the day. Throw in a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of Superstars. You are ready to stand out.

Stan Smith

The Adidas Stansmith comes as an absolute classic. The launch of this one-of-a-kind fashion staple footwear goes back 50 years. Adidas has worked on making them more sustainable without giving up on the nostalgic design.


Gazelle stands as the very first shoe to be designed with suede. This product had a ‘T’ overlay with white stripes during its initial launch day, making for a useful stand-out feature alongside the coloured suede material. Currently, you can choose between white, core black and gold metallic.


Another celebrated model on the list is Adidas NMD. A sleek silhouette and multiple designs make this shoe a perfect fit for all. Also, there is a prime knit upper, which makes the shoe incredibly low maintenance, and you can fit it anywhere. 


Also termed as a fraternal lookalike of Gazelle, the campus range from Adidas got itself renamed in 1980, and since then, the style has slowly paved its way. Even today, this particular style continues to maintain its charm and is part of a host of endorsements and collaborations as applicable. 


So that is all about the Adidas originals shoes,a guide to your perfect fit. The brand, for decades, has been prioritising your differential needs, combining comfort with style. A range of exciting details and innovative designs will keep your dynamic needs satiated to their fullest.

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