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How to Elevate Flower Bouquet With An Extra Oomph

Flowers have long been proven to lift spirits and reduce stress, making them the ideal gift for anyone. But to really show your recipient how much you care, why not add something else to the mix?

No matter the occasion or simply to show someone that you care, a stunning bouquet of flowers is always the right choice. But for extra sentimental impact, consider adding another gift to your arrangement for extra impact.

Fortunately, the top flower delivery Dubai services provide a range of options to add something extra special to your floral gifts. Check out our list of the top flower bouquet combo gifts sure to make your recipient swoon!

  • Chocolates

A bouquet of flowers is one of the most thoughtful and lasting gifts you can give. Not only do they lift someone’s spirits, but it also looks lovely wherever it goes.

These delightful treats make ideal gifts for any special occasion, including birthday and anniversary celebrations. When combined with a chocolate gift basket or candy gift basket, they become even more impressive!

Gift ideas that go perfectly with flowers include scented candles, perfumes and jewelry. For an extra special touch, why not pair a bottle of wine with your lovely bouquet?

  • Perfume

Flowers make wonderful gifts due to their vibrant beauty, delightful fragrance and affordability. Flowers also serve to show someone how much you care.

Perfumes, on the other hand, are composed of essential oils, fragrances and synthetic ingredients to create a pleasant odour. A perfume usually has three main notes: top, middle and base.

Women adore perfume more than anything else, making the combination of flowers with her favorite perfume an ideal gift idea. Your special lady will surely smile and thank you for thinking of her when she receives this wonderful combination.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry is an ideal way to add a personal touch to any gift. Pairing it with flowers will truly elevate your present and turn it into something truly memorable!

Jewelry is any piece of precious metal or gemstones worn for body ornamentation. This could range from simple bracelets and rings up through intricate necklaces and brooches.

Jewelry is an exquisite addition to any bouquet. From a diamond or pearl necklace, to charms for her bracelet or earrings, there’s something special about adding jewelry to her ensemble.

  • Homemade Meal

For an unforgettable gift that your recipient is sure to remember and savor, pair their favorite flowers with an equally delicious meal prepared at home. It’s sure to be something they will always remember and love!

No matter if you’re cooking for the family or just the two of you, these simple dinner recipes are the ideal way to get dinner on the table quickly and effortlessly. Plus, they’re budget-friendly, meaning fewer dishes need to be done afterward!

  • Spa Products

Enhance your flower bouquet by pairing them with spa products. Pretty soaps, bath bombs and luxurious lotions will look beautiful alongside an exquisite bouquet of blooms.

You can also opt for a gift basket that includes everything you need for an at-home spa day. These kits provide body scrubs, bath oils and lotions as well as everything else necessary for a pampering massage.

Scented soaps, bath bombs and luxurious lotions pair beautifully with floral bouquets to create a show-stopping gift combo sure to please. The sweet fragrance from the flower arrangement will help melt away their stress and anxiety while the spa essentials make them feel pampered and deserving of relaxation.

  • Chocolates and Books

Send your loved one an unforgettable bouquet of fresh flowers combined with a decadent treat for an extra-special surprise! Couple up the arrangement with gourmet chocolate for the ultimate floral arrangement from Buy Any Flowers!

Romance book and flower lovers alike will surely appreciate a gift that combines both. Whether you give them a book about their favorite romance subgenre or an imaginative fantasy novel with an exquisite flower arrangement in the center, you are certain to win their heart over.

For a truly special present, try pairing an exquisite floral arrangement with a book! A good book can transport you to another world or even your favorite destination.


When you want to express your affection towards someone special, a bouquet of flowers is an age-old way of saying it. Plus, flowers have long been known for their calming effects on moods and stress levels.

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