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What Real Dads Actually Want for the Holidays

Skip the ugly tie and forget the beard oil — most fathers don’t need the stuff you usually find on men’s holiday gift guides. Because every dad’s time is precious, they need and want things that will make their lives easier, which in turn will allow them to relax and enjoy themselves to a greater degree every day. To that end, here is the only gift guide you need to satisfy the dad in your life this holiday season:

A Portable Charger

Many dads are perpetually juggling work and fatherhood, which means they are checking their smartphones constantly. Unfortunately, such frequent use can and does drain batteries fast, which means that dads are consistently flirting with disaster by using mobile devices below a 20 percent charge. To lower their stress levels and ensure that they are plugged in to both work and home, you can give the dad in your life a high-quality portable charger. Power banks like these can hold several full charges, so dads can follow their kids to the park, to piano recitals or even to the moon without worrying about missing a call from a client.

A Self-warming Tumbler

Some of the best parenting advice I have heard is this: Drink your coffee while it’s warm. This is supposed to help parents get in the habit of putting their fundamental needs first, to ensure that they are in the right headspace to care for their children with patience and grace. However, busy dads often overlook small acts of self-care like this, so you might help them by giving them a coffee mug that keeps their morning drink perfectly warm for hours on end. Then, they can always enjoy the warm coffee they deserve.

A Tool Organizer

The last thing a dad needs is to spend 30 minutes looking for one tool. Disorganized tools scatter around the house in unexpected ways, taking up unnecessary space and making it difficult for dads — and moms and kids — to complete household projects efficiently. Therefore, it might be high time for the dad in your life to consolidate his tools with an organizational system. Most dads need only one or two high-quality tool carts to sit along the side of the garage to know exactly where their tools are at all times. Of course, if the dad in your life is a tool hoarder, he might need a more robust tool organization system — but a tool cart is certainly a good place to start.

A Sous Vide

In addition to assuming more childcare responsibilities, modern dads are increasingly stepping up in the kitchen, helping prepare family meals morning and night. Yet, many dads suffer from a perfectionist trait that can make quick, efficient cooking difficult; when one is trying to achieve the perfect texture on a steak or the most ideal sear on a filet of fish, dinner might not be served on time. That’s why many dads benefit from kitchen gadgets like sous vide machines, which allow for greater precision in the kitchen. If you know the dad in your life is a foodie at heart, he will love cooking with a brand-new sous vide.

Noise-canceling Headphones

There are many benefits to larger families, such as the constant flurry of activity that makes a house feel alive. Then again, there are downsides to having a bunch of kids, like the incessant noise created from that incessant flurry of activity. Dads in larger households might be desperate for a moment of peace and quiet, and having noise-canceling headphones can give them the respite they might need from the daily hustle and bustle in their homes. Insomniac dads might also appreciate a pair of noise-cancelling headphones they can wear comfortably in bed to tune out crying babies, snoring spouses and other nighttime noises.

More Comfortable Shoes

As one ages, the cushioning on the soles of one’s feet degrades, which can cause all sorts of pains and other problems. Dads who are always on their feet chasing after little kids might feel this lack of natural cushion even more acutely. Every dad deserves a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes — and if those shoes are stylish, even better. Currently, dad sneakers are very much on trend, so you should be able to find an attractive pair that the dad in your life can wear fashionably every day. Additionally, you might consider gifting a pair of shoes they can wear easily around the house, like slides or slippers.

Dads work and play hard, and they deserve holiday gifts that make their lives a little bit easier. Hopefully, you can feel inspired by this list of practical dad gifts and find something special to give the dad in your life.

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