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4 Tips for Enjoying Golf as a Family

When on the search for a fun family activity, the mind might not necessarily wonder about golf. However, golf can be an engaging, rewarding family-based activity for all ages when done right. Of course, traditional and serious golf may not be appropriate for children or as a fun day out, but that isn’t the only kind to try out. With that in mind, here are four tips for enjoying golf as a family.

Get the Kids Involved in Equipment Choices

One way to make things more fun and get the children more on board is by making sure everyone is kitted out properly and everything is properly prepared. For golf on a course, a lot of equipment is involved from clubs to carts, and though it may be worth renting over buying, if the intention is a longer-term activity focus then purchasing may make the most sense financially. To keep the kids involved with the process, letting them help to choose never hurts excitement levels and engagement. Plus, the look a custom body kit gives to a golf cart can add an extra degree of autonomy and ownership to the activity too.

Try a Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf is nowhere near as serious as the alternative types. These courses are, as the name suggests, much smaller and often smattered with fun tropes to make the session entertaining and family-focused. There are plenty of these courses around, so there is bound to be one close by to try out, and it can be a good stepping stone into the real thing one day. Miniature golf can still teach essential golfing techniques and basic theory around the sport, which translates onto the main course as and when the time is right.

Get the Golf Course Choice Right

There are a lot of golf courses around, and not all of them are family-friendly. The location is important to how successful the day goes. Tips for picking the best course are

  • Somewhere where the holes are not too far apart so there is less waiting around and traveling about, which makes the day feel disjointed and less enjoyable.
  • A course that does not have a lot of swamps or ponds, as these pose a risk to smaller children.
  • Ensure the course allows children to play as some are members only or adults only. The course is often used for business engagements and socializing so, it is not always appropriate for children to be present.
  • Somewhere with suitable facilities! Golfing, especially in the heat, can take its toll, so make sure there are enough supplies nearby to keep things running smoothly.

Keep Fun as the Focus

Last but not least, make it fun! Set a family-wide challenge to see who can score the most points on one hole or have a race to see who gets round the fastest. You could even split into teams and set different initiatives per team. There are plenty of ways to mix any activity up and keep things fun. A bored kid is far less likely to stay focused and get the full scope of the experience on offer. Whereas one whose attention has been held successfully will learn more and want to return to the activity in the future.


So, there you have it. Don’t dismiss golf as a fun family day out because it has a lot to offer. Not only does it teach essential concentration and motor skills, but it also widens the scope of interest, offers teamwork collaboration, and is a valuable arena to be a part of.


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