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What Is DNC Scrubbing?

Have you ever experienced getting calls from unknown numbers and unwanted ones as well? This is something that has been so common ever since we could call other people. One very common thing is a robocall. A robocall is a type of call that sends a message that was pre-recorded. It sends it to millions of people.

 Sometimes these robocalls can send you helpful information, but most of the time, these are scams. The ones that send useful information are legitimate. The types of information they provide are messages including information about your doctor’s appointment, prescriptions, messages from charities, a debt collector.

What happens when you answer a robocall? When you get a robocall, it is best to not answer the call, but if you do, then what you need to do next is either end the call immediately. If not that, then you can avoid saying yes to whatever the robocall says, avoiding following the instructions. After all of that, the best thing to do is to report the call. Follow the link to know more about this

What is DNC?

DNC or do not call list or registry is something that has been created to stop calls that were unwanted. Those are lists that companies hold privately, knowing that they will not be able to call them. It is a database where all of the numbers from individuals have been maintained by the US government. These numbers are requested to have telemarketers not be contacted by them.

This registry was created in 2003, and President Bush was the one to sign it into law. The first day it began was June 27, and telemarketers who were under the registry had 31 days to block a number that was registered in it. When registering, there are 3 organization functions to select from. Those are seller, telemarketer, and exempt organization.

A seller is a person who is connected with a telemarketer. Its job is to provide goods to a customer for an exchange of consideration. A telemarketer is a person who receives calls from customers. A service provider is a person that assists the sellers or telemarketers. They help as brokers.

When you’re registering, you will need to put in your SSN. If you don’t know, SSN is your social security number. Without this, you cannot register in the DNC registry.

This is something that you need to subscribe to, and you’ll need to pay anywhere from 66$. This is something that is new because before 2020, to be able to register, it was completely free. Now you have to subscribe and renew your subscriptions annually if you want. As soon as you register and pay, you’ll get access to the registry.

At first, when a number was registered, it stayed in the registry for up to 5 years, but now when a number is registered, this is permanent. Nowadays, the registry has more than 221 million numbers in it. This can show that a lot of people rely on it, and it actually brings them peace. Check this page out for more information.

How to choose the right DNC source?

Some other organizations and centers like to help people who deal with problems like these where they want to get rid of unwanted calls. They work on different strategies to block these types of calls. These strategies tend to be a long-term solution for this problem.

There are many organizations that are scamming people, making them believe that they are valid and that they are going to help you out. They like to make you believe them and gain your trust for you to give them your personal information. After that, they can use this to their advantage. You may experience more scam calls than ever before.

You can then file a complaint to the DNC registry, and they will take action after that. If you want to be sure that you are in good hands, make sure to check what kind of organization or center you are applying to. Make sure that they are legit and can provide the service you need. What you need is a DNC scrubbing to help you out with your unwanted calls.

This has become very popular in the last few years, and many people have turned to these organizations. This has shown that people who have used these organizations registered fewer calls from telemarketing companies going from around 30 a month to approximately 6-7 a month.

It doesn’t matter if you register to the DNC registry or apply to an organization; you need to get the help you’re seeking for. These scam calls can cause harm to you and sometimes even your financial situation, so it’s better to take action before something more significant than that happens.

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