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Advice on how to use a space that isn’t being used at home

A spare bedroom could be in an attic, between two larger rooms, or even under the stairs. Change the room’s decor to fit its size, purpose, and location. No matter what the room is used for, that should be the theme. How useful a place depends on how it can be changed and how easy it is to get to. Here is how to treat each room;


What’s wrong with getting another bedroom if you already have one? The small den can be turned into a cozy bedroom with some work. You can skip the bed altogether and sleep on a couch or a mattress made for two. If you cover the firm mattress with soft sheets and add pillows and cushions, you might feel more comfortable. Beds and mattresses can be pushed up against the wall to make more space on the floor. It’s best to have at least one window so that you don’t feel like you’re being shut in. To bring the outdoors inside, all you have to do is buy a small table with one leg, a fish tank, or some potted plants.

If you paint the walls a light shade of cream or white, the room might look bigger and brighter. Put a mirror on the wall across from the door to make the room look bigger. Put a rug on the floor, hang some pendant lights from the ceiling, and put up a poster of something you like.


If you have a formal drawing room, what if you need some time to yourself? The private space is great for quiet activities like writing poetry, reading comic books, sipping your coffee from your favorite VidaXl coffee table, binge-watching Netflix, or just staring out the window while listening to some old favorites.

It’s possible that these activities won’t work well in your living room, where you want to be alone. The best places are those with balconies. I can tell you for sure that this can be the nicest room in your whole house.

You shouldn’t put any big furniture pieces in here. Since you already have a lot of furniture at home, this could be all yours. You can add a bean bag or a tv chair recliner to relax in, a wall-mounted bookcase with all your favorite books, comics, and graphic novels, posters of your favorite characters and/or celebrities, and USB ports to charge your electronic devices. Keep the walls simple so they can be used at any time of year.

You can hang whatever curtains and tie-backs you want in the windows. Choose bold colors for your drapes, like red, orange, yellow, blue, and pink, to go with walls that are light in color. Installing tasteful lighting under the counter will make the room feel better.


The room can then be used as a place for the kids to play. You can use Tin Tin curtains or Chhota Bhim curtains. Children could trip over long drapes. Install carpets to soften the hard surface of the floor and protect people from getting hurt if they fall. Kids like well-lit places. A child’s room can be decorated with stenciled numbers and letters or pictures from their favorite made-up worlds, like those from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter. You could also get the walls painted to look like a garden or meadow.

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