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Divorce Travel Ideas: Best Trips for Vacation After a Divorce

We wait all year for the anticipation of our next vacation, but all too often, our plans don’t work out, and we end up having to deal with significant disagreements instead. The strain of going through a divorce may be unbearable for some women. You are aware, despite this fact, that there is nothing more effective than a vacation for relieving tension. Even minnesota online divorce, where you can avoid seeing your ex, is a stress.  

Imagine how holidays after divorce look like — leaving one’s children in the care of an ex-spouse or one’s parents in order to go on an adventure by yourself. It is the simplest and most effective approach to quiet a racing mind. The problems of custodial parent moving out of state may not even bother you at this point.  

However, travelling by oneself brings its own set of unique obstacles, and this is especially true for women; thus, it is essential to ensure that you are prepared for everything. After your divorce, we will provide you with advice on where to go on vacation that will truly help you relax rather than make money for you. 


We used our personal experiences, other women’s travel experiences, and global rankings to determine which countries are safe for women to travel alone and where to go after divorce. Our starting point was the Global Peace Index (GPI), which does not rate nations by how they treat women but offers an overall picture of each country’s safety. We also considered Georgetown and Oslo’s 2017 Women’s Peace and Security Index.  

Even the safest countries can experience unfavourable events. In some countries, you may be a native and not attract notice. We only included places where we felt at home and problems were unlikely. 


People go all over the world to visit the nation with the lowest crime rate so they may take in the breathtaking scenery, which in Iceland is comparable to being on the very edge of the planet. You may feel the reviving spray of the Skogafoss waterfall on your face if you go up near to the waterfall. Walk on the pitch-black sand at Vik Beach while you take a photo in front of the basalt columns. After paying your respects to Geysir, the geyser that gives its name to all of the other geysers on the planet, take a refreshing plunge in one of Lake Myvatn’s hot springs. You won’t have to deal with any hassles; peaceful Icelanders are happy to offer assistance to tourists, but you have to openly ask for it. 


Going to Bali alone is a great option to spend time alone in Indonesia. This mindful place is definitely one of the best places to travel after a divorce. People go to the lovely island to achieve inner calm. “Eat, Pray, Love” inspired this trend. Your yoga and meditation practises, as well as your discovery of fruit smoothies and raw food pleasures, may all start well in Bali. If you want to do anything other than see temples and paddy fields, try surfing or hiking up a volcano. Even a weeklong trip in Bali won’t be enough time to do everything there is to do. 


The views out the window of the Glacier Express train, which passes over three hundred bridges, are as uniform and unbroken as the holes in an Emmentaler cheese. Additionally, a large number of solo travellers praise the country of Switzerland for its convenience. The real obstacles of a vacation in Europe include avoiding the temptation to leave your heart in the Alps, consuming an entire year’s supply of chocolate in only one month, and shooting a large number of photographs of castles and gingerbread villages. 


Your preconceived notions about the East being strange and underprivileged will be shattered after a visit to Singapore. The nation’s ascent to prominence as an economic powerhouse in Asia and the rest of the globe may be attributed, in large part, to the stringency of its judicial system. You will be surprised at every turn, but you won’t have to worry about feeling uneasy even for a split second, regardless of whether you are swimming in the rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel or strolling through the futuristic tree canopies below. You will be amazed at every turn, but you won’t have to worry about feeling uneasy even for a split second. 


The country of cheery sunlight, sparkling beaches, mystery castles, and cuddly black cockerels marketed as keepsakes is one of the safest locations to visit in the world. It is quite safe for tourists to ride the yellow trams in Lisbon, climb the turrets of the stunning Pena Palace in Sintra, and take in the amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Roca, which is the westernmost point of continental Europe. If you want to have your mind blown by Portugal, give the custard puff pastry with Belen’s name a try. 


There is no need for guests to deny themselves the opportunity to relax and reflect on times gone by when Denmark is their destination because the country is so warm and inviting. Before you construct and programme your own walking robot, you should pay a visit to Billund, the city that is home to Lego, and draw your cues from the many copies of well-known sites that can be found throughout the city. Going to Legoland by yourself is a great alternative if you are traveling with kids.  Continue to indulge your inner kid while in Copenhagen by taking a stroll down the tranquil Nyhavn promenade, paying a visit to the endearing Little Mermaid at the harbour, and partaking in the vivid delights that can be found at Tivoli Gardens. The Old Town of Aarhus, which has restored dwellings from all across the nation, and Kronborg Castle, which was the location of the first performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, are two more serious possibilities to consider. 


Slovenia isn’t the first European destination that comes to mind when planning a trip for one. And it’s not for nothing that you won’t have time for boredom there. There are enough Gothic castles and ancient cathedrals in this Balkan nation to impress even the most discerning history buff. Explore the mountains on one of the well-marked hiking paths or take a train journey through the caverns of the Postojna Caves. Visit the Slovenian thermal baths if you need to unwind and recharge, or take a trip to Piran on the Adriatic coast to get a taste of Italy without leaving Slovenia. Everything in Slovenia is conveniently located, so you won’t have to go far. 


Despite the stereotype of the macho Spaniard, a lone female traveller should not worry about being threatened in either Barcelona or Madrid. To visit Spain with a companion, or even just yourself, is a joyful and secure experience. This is supported by Spain’s position in the top five nations for women’s safety and by the fact that many seasoned travellers recommend Spain to women travelling alone. Feel free to indulge in some churros for breakfast, take photos of the Alhambra Palace bathed in soft morning light, explore the city in search of your favourite beach among hundreds of stunning options, and so on. 


There’s no denying that Canada’s long distance and high airfare are well worth it (it may be too hard if you plan on travelling with children though). Those who want to spend time in the great outdoors without sacrificing convenience will find the country to be an ideal destination. Drive through at least a few of spectacular national parks in a rented car, stopping to explore and take pictures at scenic overlooks and along well-maintained paths and footbridges. Canadians have a penchant for adventure, so you won’t be completely alone in the woods if you decide to visit one of the country’s many national parks. 

10.  CYPRUS  

It’s no surprise that families with kids like the sunny island of Cyprus, with its tranquil atmosphere and strong sense of safety, even though it may be one of the holidays divorce provoked. Those who travel alone have an advantage since they can pack more into their trip. Spend some time in the Aphrodite-approved beaches of Cyprus, mastering scuba diving, exploring the royal tombs in Paphos, and perusing the armour of the knights in the Limassol stronghold on a bike ride. 

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