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Elliptical Workouts For Beginners: Tips And Strategies To Get Started

If you have ever been looking for an exercise that is not very strenuous while at the same time will help you shed some calories, then elliptical training is for you. Elliptical machines are commonly found in many fitness centers and households because they help provide an effective cardiovascular workout without putting much stress on the joints. While jogging can be a struggle on the knees and ankles, an elliptical exercise allows you to glide through your workout while decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Ellipticals are also suitable for beginners because they are easy to use as compared to some other exercising machines. In many gyms, you will find an elliptical machine which can be used even if you have never exercised before. Begin by calibrating it with a certain level of difficulty and then change the settings as you progress in fitness levels. 

Now let’s move to some practical tips and recommendations that can assist you on your first elliptical workout.

A Brief Overview of Your Elliptical Workout

First things first: familiarize yourself with your elliptical. An elliptical trainer is a fitness machine that will enable you to exercise all parts of your body, as they have provisions for your feet and hands. This dual-action workout lets you work harder and get more out of your weight training session in less time.

Before starting, get familiar with the settings and adjust the elliptical based on your height or any other measurements. When you are prepared to start implementing this, then do it gradually. To start off, adjust the machine’s resistance level to its lowest setting to allow you to work on your form while also training your muscles to handle more work. Once you are accustomed to the movement, increase the amount of resistance and the gradient to add intensity to the experience.

Make sure you are not stuck to one routine exercise regime, always try to mix it up a little. Some ellipticals also have built-in programs that help to switch between different resistance and incline levels. These can imitate steeping hills or interval training, which can make the routine diverse and raise your fitness level more quickly.

Elliptical Workout Routines for Novices

a. The warm up should be for about 5 minutes on a low resistance setting.

b. After the 5 minute mark, increase the resistance to a level at which you can still pedal and are breathing a little heavier.

c. After the next five minutes of practice, try to increase your intensity level a little bit more. You can increase either the resistance or the incline of the treadmill to make the exercise harder.

d. The final five minutes should be slowed down; go down to a low resistance setting.

Complete this workout three times a week, and you’ll see increases in stamina and strength. Remember, consistency is key. Try to remain consistent with your exercise routines and keep a record of your performance.


Since elliptical machines provide a low impact workout, they are perfect for beginning exercising without the concern of pulling or overstretching a muscle. Doing this exercise at least three times a week will help you to have better cardiovascular health, lose weight, and gain muscles steadily and properly. Schedule your workouts and vary them in some way, pay attention to what your body needs at a certain time, and increase the load step by step. Happy exercising!

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