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How drug abuse is affecting society negatively?

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems of the modern world and one of the main causes of growing cases of drug abuse is easy access to drugs as nowadays it’s very easy to purchase drugs. These days growing trend of weed pens are also making it easier for teens to get drugs through online stores like fresh bros. Drug abuse can cause serious physical and mental health issues as drugs affect the brain of the user due to which physical health also suffers. In most cases of drug abuse users initially start using drugs as fun but with the passage of time get addicted to drugs. Homeless people and refugees are the most common prey of drug dealers as in order to avoid the painful realities of their lives and depression they try to find solace in drugs.

How drugs affect human psychology?

Healthy mind is essential for building a healthy society and any society where drug abuse is common is not a healthy society. Drug users become unable to differentiate between reality and the illusion as their brain starts to distort their reality under the influence of drugs due to which they become unable to live among the normal people. As drug abusers think that by using drugs they can get rid of their stress but in actuality due to use of drugs for a long time can impact brain function which can lead to increase in stress and anxiety.  Psychological effects of drug abuse can also cause complications for the user in real life as while under the influence of drugs one can do anything which is illegal or harmful for him or others which can cause serious problems in society.

Effects of drug abuse on relationships

Drug abuse not only is harmful for the abuser but can also cause problems for other people connected to him. When drugs become essential for the person his life can change drastically as he will no longer be able to care for others or think about them as he will be living in his world of illusion. In order to get money for the drugs, abusers can become violent towards others due to which communication gaps can occur between close people. Moreover, a drug addict won’t be able to concentrate on his work as drugs can reduce one’s ability to focus.

Violence and safety issues

Drug abuse  can cause serious safety problems for not only abuser but other peoples as well as driving under the influence can cause accident and even reason of someone’s death. As there are no anti weapon laws that state that drug user cannot own weapons as drug abuse is not a crime in itself that is why it can be very dangerous if any abuser has access to a weapon as under the influence of a drug abuser loses their ability to think rationally. Moroover, drug abusers are more likely to indulge in serious crimes like murder , rape and physical violence as they have no control on their minds and they could commit these crimes under the influence of drugs.

Financial issues

Drugs are not that easy to buy as they are quite expensive especially high intensity drugs like marijuana, heroin and hashish are very expensive. That’s why drug abuse can cause serious financial problems for the abusers  as sometimes in order to fulfill their addiction abusers can try anything from selling household items to doing illegal activities. As  the most drug users are either homeless people, refugees or students and they don’t have money to buy drugs that’s why they can resort to theft,  prostitution and  robbery in order to secure money for the drugs due to whcich crime rate can also increase in society.


Even though drug abuse is growing day by day, there is no solid plan to contain it. Governments should devise rules to protect under age drug abuse by making special shelter homes for the homeless children who are most likely to become victims of drug dealers. Moreover, there is a need to enforce  law and order in cities and also need to organize a special force in order to catch and punish the drug dealers as most of the time they work undercover and it’s not easy to identify and catch them.

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