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How to Live a More Mindful Life

Mindfulness and wellbeing are big topics and big industries, but you don’t need to buy in to start practicing mindfulness in your own life. In fact, by eschewing capitalism, even in small ways, you can help find that essential inner peace that can help you lead a calmer, more fulfilled life regardless of where you live or what you do.

How Can Mindfulness Help Your Health?

Stress wrecks the body. It causes premature aging, stress lines, grey hairs, and more. Over prolonged periods, stress can even develop into an anxiety disorder. Mindfulness works to help you lead a more stress-free life through a variety of holistic approaches designed to help you feel more at peace and at one with yourself.

How to Live a More Mindful Life?

Though there are many ways to lead a more mindful life, these tips are an excellent place to get started:

·         Slow Thing Down

Slow living is a revolutionary movement simply because it encourages us to return to our roots. While modern conveniences have helped us, they have also distanced us, and there is peace to be found in slow activities like cooking, baking, sewing, or gardening. Slow activities can also include the arts. Essentially, by working with your hands on a project that requires care, time, and dedication, we can help our minds settle and calm down and can also help us improve our focus and patience.

·         Give Back and Connect with Your Community

There are so many excellent ways to give back and to help make the world a better place. With the news so full of bad things, from war to famine and anything in-between, it can easily feel like there is no way to stop it and nothing that you can do, but there is. So if you find yourself plagued with “doom scrolling,” give back and connect with your community through charitable contributions, volunteering, organizing, and at minimum, just sharing information around, particularly if it has a positive message or a solution to a problem.

·         Give Yourself a Break from the Media

It’s important to take a break from electronics, particularly if you find yourself spending long hours scrolling through social media apps or the news. This isn’t just about slowing things down but about giving your body a physical break from technology. This will give your eyes a rest and can also work to help reset your brain and allow you to improve your focus. To engage with the here and now, for best results, try to perform a mindful activity offline, like art or reading.

·         Connect with Nature

We are not outside the natural world, no matter how well our windows and walls protect us from the elements. Connecting with nature could mean going for walks, or biking, or doing any number of activities that you enjoy amongst nature. The further you can get from modern influences, the better, as this will help you recharge with the power of nature.

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