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Impress Your Guests With These Maharashtrian Delicacies

If you have organised a dinner for your guests, why not make their day more memorable by offering them authentic Maharashtrian dishes? Known for its exquisite culture, hospitable people, and Bollywood, Maharashtra is also a paradise for food lovers. From Misal Pav to the sweet Modak and other tasty dishes and desserts, Maharashtrian cuisine today has a strong fan following in India and overseas. Here are a few Maharashtrian delicacies that are easy to make and add fun to your party.

Misal Pav

Misal Pav is one of Maharashtra’s most famous street foods and can be eaten for breakfast or as an evening snack. Some people also enjoy it at lunch or dinner. Pav is a type of bread that is savoured along with Misal, a curry. Moth beans are used in the preparation of Misal. You can make the Misal more appealing by adding potatoes, lemon, coriander, and other ingredients to it. So whether you are throwing a party or inviting guests to lunch or dinner, Misal Pav would definitely make your guests happy.


A traditional dish of Maharashtra, Modak, is savoured by people all over India. Rice flour or wheat flour is used to make the dumpling, while the filling is made from jaggery and coconut. Though you can enjoy Modak at any time of the year, this delicacy is prepared in abundance during Ganesh Chaturthi, the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha.

Veg Kolhapuri

If you plan to treat your guests to an authentic Maharashtrian dish, you must include veg Kolhapuri in your menu. As the name suggests, the dish originated from Kolhapur, a city located in the southern part of the state. Veg Kolhapuri is a spicy gravy made from a variety of vegetables. Hot spices, lemon, yoghurt, and other ingredients are used to give the dish a unique flavour. People usually eat Veg Kolhapuri along with rotis or other flatbreads.

Puran Poli

Like Modak, Puran Poli is another sweet delicacy usually prepared for festive occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, etc. But this sweet flatbread can be savoured whenever you want and will surely complement a hot and spicy meal. The flatbread is known as Poli, and the filling used to stuff the flatbread is called Puran. While the flatbread is made with atta and maida, the filling is prepared with dal, jaggery, and saffron.

Maharashtrian desserts and dishes are yummy and very easy to make, and you can enhance the taste by offering these dishes along with chutneys and papads from Aazol. So if you have guests this weekend, serve them some delicious Maharashtrian cuisines and make their evening more special.

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